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PES 2009 Edit 0.2 by Jok3r Finished ( PC )


Registered User
Thank's for the patch... I didn't like it though. I think that there's a lot of work yet to make this patch a really good one. I mean, the menus, the balls, the boots... it's all good. But what about the spanish league kits for example? you've just took the badges and put them on a regular kit, without sponsor or anything... and that's just en example. There are a lot of things missing. The important thing in a patch is the accuracy of the squads and to make the game look more licensed. Again, the menus and all that are great, but i'm here to play the game, and not the menus or the shoes. I want kits, i want real squads... Anyway, thankyou, was good trying it.
Good luck.

I have to agree - it does all look great with boots, balls etc.... but it is crap that the spanish teams kits are not all real with full kits and sponsors etc... I want real kits and squads too!

Im still hunting for a good patch that has everything spot on and has the German league in it too as it seems any decent patches are quite few and far between for the pc.

If anyone knows of one then please do point it out - but in the mean time I will continue to use this one I guess.


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i downloaded your patches
my kits are still as they were,the logos are correct but i get this message when starting the game
"edit data"
load failed because data is from a different version
download content and update data"
i took out the kitserver before downloading this
and i started pes 2009 as admin.


New Member
yes, the pack doesn't work well,some clubs have same strips . Jok3r just replace strips with the existing ones. That sucks even more, and now i'm stuck with this. It sucks (-_-)


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Great patch mate, excellent work however I am having a problem playing the game online. When I go to play online the game tells me I need the latest update from Konami so I downloaded it and the online worked but I had lost all the updates from this patch (logos, kits etc.). I tried installing this patch again and got all its updates back but once again the online mode told me I needed the latest Konami update. Is there any way I can get the game to work online using this patch?