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PES 2009 New Moves (With Explanation)


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Here is the new moves in PES 2009 =)
Most of tricks are making by d-pad in this game.
Video has the explanations of this tricks.
If you wanna see clearly, i am sending a original file. You can download.
Be enjoy...



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Tevez's roulette looks, feels, and takes people on 10x better than every other. does anybody else do that type of roulette, i would have thought messi would have done since it shows him doing it in the promo video but he doesnt


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i like it, the new way makes it harder to do the tricks, using the right stick was too easy imo, now you will have to actually be good to perform tricks.


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It's different and will take some getting used to.

You can use L3 (left analogue stick) to dribble. SO I use tat to dribble now and do skills at the same time.

I was playing my brother and went through his whole team (with Messi of course)... It was truly amazing.


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I have always used L3 stick tho... So conveting over to dotricks with that stick aswell could prove to be quite challenging, but lie you said, will have to get use to it.


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It sounds like none of you guys play on the PC without one of those fancy controllers...I just use the keyboard, and for me, the tricks will now become a lot easier, as performing them before required roughly 13 fingers, all of them in improbable positions. So, obviously, I'm happy...but it seems to have got a mixed response from the gaming community, so they might well change it back next year.