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PES 2011 [Save Data Corrupted] Solution~^^


Registered User
Just as the title mentioned , I think the [Save Data Corrupted] has been a problem for someone(including me~:no:)...
This problem most likely occur in BAL....
I had surf the net to find any solution but my effort was in vain...
So I tried and tried very hard and finally found out an solution...
I think I'm the first one to find out this solution cause I really surf through the net hardly and I don't find any....:D:D
I swear to GOD this solution does work for me...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Here is the solution :

Actually this is just a Money Editor for the Master League...
But it could be use to save the data corrupted...
First of all , download the file.
Then , extract it and open the MLM.exe file...
You have only one option that is to click the "Set Master League Money to MAX (if i'm not mistake...)" , choose your corrupted save file which most likely is in .bin format....
e.g : BAL1.bin
Then , there will be notice said Master-League set to max...
Open your PES 2011 --> BAL , the magical thing happen...Your save file can use again....^^

P/S : Sorry for my broken ENG , I really hope it help...BTW , the editor is not created by me and I first download it to MAX my ML money...^^...I don't know it could help me in the future....
If you have any question , please do leave a comment and I'm willing to help you...^^



Registered User
does this work for any version of the game?
your file isnt working, can you upload it again please?

I don't quite sure which version it worked to...Mine is 1.0.4
I tried it and my file is working...
What's your problem ??
Can't download or downloaded but can't use ??
If you can't use it , I think is the .NET Framework problem...You must update to .NET Framework 4 to use this file...
Hope it works !! ^^


New Member
dear CoOLzz...
i really really need your help.
i received a msg saying "Save File Corrupted" on my Master League saved data file.
the same problem you had and I hope you understand my heartache cuz u've been through it.
i tried using MLM but my .NET is not version 4.
i'm playing PES 2009.
can you help me fix it if i gave you the files?
really really hope you can help me :'(
if you could kindly pass me ur email address...i can attach the files and email it to you. hope you can help me... :(