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PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.


It is happening again
Ok, so I played the demo. 3 games. First impressions are...... it's better, but still not as great as some people seem to think it is. Put it this way - I deleted the first demo straight away, but will give this 2nd demo more time.

Managed to score a couple of nice goals, the pick of which being a lovely backheel from Matri.

Player ratings are fucked up though. It's stupid how Konami allocate a player a preferred position, then give them a higher rating in a different position. Example - Kagawa is 76 at AM, and 79 at CM.

There's a song that's got some sort of sax/wind instrument riff - If I do get the game, I'm gonna delete that song immediately.

Also, I was playing Utd vs Bayern and the crowd were "la-la-la-ing" the '12 days of Christmas' song.... what the hell is up with that.

So, all in all, I thought it was better, but note sure it's enough to make me want to buy the full game.


Played one game, it is faster more reminiscent of last years final version but it surprisingly works this time round with it being more fluid and less stopping with the ref blowing every minute which ruined pes12 for me. I can take my time and it's doesn't feel too arcade.

Feels more like a premiership match, where the last demo felt more like la liga. Pleased with the better crowd atmosphere. I'm sure all those technical nerds will find other little grievances to make into a mountain but doesn't take away the fact konami have got the fundamentals right.


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As a Utd fan the "12 la la la's" is a bit ridiculous, im sure Cantona wouldnt have mind if they asked him esp with Utd been licensed and ltd edt cover... Hard to believe we live in a world where simple things such as chants have to be licensed.

Its better than the last few pes and thats a great thing.

Lets hope for some good commentators (new ones) and commentary.

Soundtrack obviously people will be making changes to it.

looking forward to the game!


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The second demo is way better than the first one .. I deleted the first one just like Ali_BWFC .. and yeah the ratings are shit .. Messi got 98 and CR got 99 !
thats a huge mistake .. despite the ratings .. I see some players with low raitngs that plays well .. and Ineista is from another world ! Player ID looks better played 9 games so far tried every team exept Copa ones .. and I can see the attack and defense are balanced .. not like the first demo .. even the offsides not like the first demo .. Also there a thing that made me miss about 4 goals .. when u pass to ur teammate that was offside or suspecious in offside the defenders raise their hands .. and the flag is down not offside .. that makes u miss many goals !
The game speed is perfect but I choose +2 like always .. and scoring is easier ..

more feedback after the Classico match


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Scored a bizarre earlier with Man Utd, from kick off against Bayern I've played it back into midfield and chipped it forward and Valencia has run in behind their defence. Out from goal legs Neuer but he has got the angle all wrong. As Valencia controls the ball it takes him at an angle away from Neuer and from outside the penalty area scores with the outside of his right foot into an empty net. Was bloody bizarre. It was as if Neuer was locked into running to follow the trajectory and flight of the ball, but a bit too precisely.

Cannon ball

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Wow, I didn't even know a demo of this was out, I've almost forgotten about PES. After this reminiscing over the PES of old though, I may get this depending on the reviews. If its just more of the buggy, bizarre same as previous, forget it. I'll give the demo a go though.


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Played the Demo 2... Finally i felt PES is back on track. I jumped to FIFA last year...but deep inside I'm longing for PES. Hell yeah...I'm coming back to PES13.


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can't play this demo any more.........The frame rate issues on 360 have taken their toll and is ruining the experience for me.

Come on PC Demo............. I need you.


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I find the second demo so addictive and rewarding. I'm seeing a lot more variety from the A.I and the games don't feel repetitive at all having played a good amount of matches. Just looking forward to getting my hands on the game now.

What makes the second demo 'shit' [MENTION=212210]Thori[/MENTION]?


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loving the demo so far. love the shooting.

hope they copy fifa and have the prem scores flash up during the game
and also get rid of that awful manager mode cut screen from pes12