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pes 2013 transfer


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please help in my master league Ihave problem
in trasnfer of hazard neymar and david luiz
what i do for win negotiations with them and
who is the best scout ? my team real madrid


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They changed the system of signing a bit and a lot of people complaining.

You can see the chances for singing a player improved to 40% and above with a better (5 million) scout that improves the money deals also (lower) but this is not enough. You must monitoring how many years the player has a contract with his team and if it is 1 year you have much better chances signing him if you do the offer first, you can search for player that have only 1 year contract. The satisfaction of a player to a team is another factor that increasing the chance of successful signing and is better you add the players in the scout list, the scouter reports if the player has problems with a team also, i mean i can see the satisfaction bar and sometimes an anger face for seating on the bench too long is a good sign to start negotiations always.

Welcome to the Pess family and good luck.


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You don't need to create multiple threads for the same subject.

About the scouter you asked i usually play between Tiensburg (from Germany) that gives a better youth team also or Xiavago (from spain) he doesn't give a good youth team but i can see the stats of the players and their special abilities without to put the players in the scout list and wait. Is good to start negotiating a bit before, when you are close to the transfer window but before it opens. Making the offer first is increasing the chance that you win the 'battle'.

Is better a moderator to link the post from "negotiation" thread into this making the logical steps more complete.


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I'm really struggling with transfers too guys. Please see if you can help out! Okay, I'm playing master league with Fulham with Player Development off and transfer frequency set to low, Top player difficulty with a £5mill scout from Germany. I have played 3 seasons winning the Champions league and once and the English league twice.

The issue is signing players. I've found that if player development is set on then the percentage/ likelihood that players will join your club fluctuates. On the other hand with player development set off it seems every player's percentage of joining your club is preset to a certain level and is destined to forever remain the same. For instance it APPEARS that despite having the best scout, the highest club ranking and a high fan club membership level only certain players will ever remain available to you. Pepe from Juventus, Zuniga from Napoli, Shaqiri and Pato are amongst these players. It SEEMS therefore that from all the football players in this game, regardless of how good my team becomes, I shall forever be constricted to an extremely narrow pool of players. This is regardless of which team I manage as I have experimented with Barca and Chelsea- the same small pool of players are always available (granted Shaqiri and Pato are good but I don't always to sign and play with them!)

It seems I will never be allowed to sign world class players like Pirlo, Messi, Ronaldo, Hulk or Falcao. I cannot sign Giovinco, Van Persie or Ribery.
This is not constricted to just the highest quality players but even players like Lyon's Lisandro Lopez are never going to be available. The maximum percentage of them joining is never more than 2%.

Now I'm hoping someone will tell me that I'm wrong and explain how I can eventually sign other players beside the narrow pool currently available. I want to sign Hulk for my team- is there ANYTHING I can do to make him want to join- to make the chance of signing him more than 2%?

Please guys, any help much appreciated!