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PES2016 Demo - Gameplay Videos


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Hey guys,

I've just made some compilation of gameplay and animation from the Demo of PES 2016, I quite love the way KONAMI have done for PES 2016 this year except the GK is still dump as they were in PES 2016




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This new 2016 seems much better than the 2015.

No more ghost players where the balls passed through.

Smothered game play.

Better graphics and movements, except for the goalkeepers.

It seems like a good move from Konami.

Let's see the official release how it goes with voids and lag.


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PES 2016 Demo Gameplay

PES 2016 ps3 vs ps4 gameplay


PES 2016 Full Celebration - Player Movement




It is happening again
[MENTION=230013]anuragnegi21[/MENTION] - I've merged your thread with this one. We can use this thread for any demo gameplay vids.


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Horrific animation but beautiful graphics.

From the videos posted here and online, my finding are as follows:-

As always Konami has placed a lot into the "cut scenes" of the game.
They are gorgeous. Colors are vibrant and the atmosphere has been improved. Player faces are remarkable and will surprise a lot of us Fifa fans.

However, the gameplay reveals a lot of issues.

1) There is a severe lack of "burst of speed" from the players. Either coming off of a steal or in open spaces. Each player seems to be limited in how fast they can go.
2) Horrific animations especially when the players are in the process of turning. It seems as if they are locked on one foot hopping around in a very limited circle. This will make it easy to defend players whose backs are turned to the defender. Their only option will be to play the ball back.
3) Players are always in a crouch stances when dribbling.
4) Erratic Shots. Some Hard and some soft shots. It seems as if the engine is determining the placement and pace of the shots.
5) Severe Ghosting.
6) Slow Sluggish game play. Player seems to be methodically going through the motion of control, turn, pass, ...rinse wash repeat.

....and I can go on with things like the collision engine fails and the lack of connections between the ball and the players body...but i will wait for others input.