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[PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -


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is the patch in english or looks like a brill patch.keep up the good work.cant wait to get it running and do you have to put the option file on to your memory card or do you just leave it on the disc


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the patch is in english the fifa comentary is in french I think great work wemerica the new internationl kits are great and the chants are amazing as well.Also the stadiums are shit hot and good ball pack in there keep up the good work and thanks for the patch.


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Does anyone have a direct download link for this patch as torrent downloads do not work on my computer. i have V2 and that is amazing so cant wait for V3.....can anyone help?




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does the patch aslo works in europe version??? pes5 is a europe version...i use the wemerica patch exactly the way the tutorials say but it didnt work....PLEASE HELP!!!!


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I got the european retail version and the patch works wery well. Be more specific maybe we can help you. Of course your ps2 must be modded...


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Installation du patch wemerica v3. (english)

(You need to have/buy PES5 for use this patch

select and copy all the files from your pes5 original or backup take from
your dvd-rom or from on iso on your computer, and paste all in one folder
call PES5 on your hard drive (create the folder in C: or D: etc, for find it after easily)


select and copy all the files from my folder PATCH V3,
et paste all in the folder PES5 created beforce, accept the windows's message
which want to replace all the files that already exist of the folder PES5 by ones from my patch .


install aspi and cd/dvd generator 2 and reebot your computer


do: start, all the programs -> psx-station-> cd dvdrom générateur 2.00 version francaise-> cdvdgen fr -> créér un nouveau projet -> créér un DVDROM (line two) -> OK

you see two collums, select all the files of your folder PES5 and slide it in the right collumn with your mouse


go to volume, in the up-left corner, and write this

référence du disque : SLES-53544

volume : PES5

license area: EUROPE

after that do: ficher -> exporter un fichier IML, and save it

CLose cd/dvd gen and open DKZ studio and do:

Tools > ISO Maker > select the .iml file > and choose one
destination where will be created the ISO


Install my option file v3 in your mémory card (Tutorial option file)

I patch the game just like that....but it aint workin...or is there a mistake i did??


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i have found my mistake...puuuh i oversee something in the tutorials...

what kind of bug is in the game del piero???...i dont like burning games with bugs...


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I have found no bugs yet well apart from some of the boots are a bit fucked but you can hardley notice in game.


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Can I help me? The tutorial in spanish? I don´t understand very well this: "Install my option file v3 in your mémory card". Thanks