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[PES6] MyMy Mix v2.1FIX & OF Mil&Mik v4 (03/09/07) +MyMy Stadiums v1.1+Chants v1.1


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Bothered's MyMy for PES6 which includes
and more............ what else could we ask for.

[PS2] MyMy Mix v2.1FIX & OF Mil&Mik v4 (03/09/07) +MyMy Stadiums v1.1+Chants v1.1
Released: 01/02/07 <> Latest Update: 03/09/07​

All is as originally posted by Bothered @ evo-web
note: most MyMy updates & info links found in the quote below
have been re-directed to posts here @ PESGaming, other links to
additional information will direct you to it's thread/post at evo-web.
btw, sorry for any delays on patch updates released (been away)

Bothered @ evo-web said:
-MyMy NeoSeeker 3.6 - 26/07 (+ other option files also available)
(Apply in this preferred order below)
-MyMy Stadiums v1 (+ update 1.1)
-MyMy Chants&Cheer (+ update 1.1)
-MyMy Mini Mix v2 (+ update v2.1fixed)
-MyMy Music
Links to these are below

The Idiot's Guide to MyMy Patching v2
By Umami&Puschkin

This took a little while but creds to the Stadium makers 1st and foremost

renaming, replacing, minor edits is a b%*th but at least others can use
please state "MyMy Stadiums" if using this in ANY way
i wasnt bothered but then i realised i was (theres a pun in there somewhere)

Correct Preview Pics (Most Bombillero & Me)
Correct Capacity (skip-br & Me)
Correct Year Built (skip-br & Me)
Correct Region (skip-br & Me)

MyMy Stadiums PES6
1 Sapporo Dome---------->Alvalade XXI SPMC
2 Kashima------------------>Philips Stadion Bombillero
3 Nissan Stadium---Updated Bombillero
4 Nagai------------------->Olympic Spyro Louis Bombillero
5 Tokyo Olympic ------------------>Cairo International Bombillero
6 Niigata "Big Swan"------------>Estadio da LuzWendetta textures + Diehloid textures + Iceman pitch
7 Oita "Big Eye"--->Allianz Arena Iceman Bombillero
8 Saitama--------------Stade Gerland Bombillero
9 Training Ground
10 San Siro-----Updated Iceman
11 Camp Nou----------Updated Bombillero
12 Highbury----------Emirates Stadium Iceman Bombillero
13 Amsterdam Arena---------Updated Bombillero
14 Olympiastadion Munich (not available)---------->Allianz Arena Iceman Bombillero - See Oita
15 Stade Louis II UpdatedBy Iceman Bergakamp
16 Old Trafford UpdatedBy Iceman Bergakamp
17 King Fahd/ Busan----------->Stadio do Dragao Bombillero
18 La Bombonera UpdatedBy Iceman Bergakamp
19 Vodacom Park/BlomFant------------------>Vicente Calderon Bombillero
20 Nacional Santiago/Giants Ohio---------->Manuel Ruiz de Lopera Bombillero
21 Stadio Delle Alpi------------------Updated Bombillero
22 Olimpico Roma-----------------UpdatedWendetta textures + Iceman textures + Iceman pitch
23 Ennio Tardini --------------------UpdatedIceman
24 Stamford Bridge (Not Available)--------Updated Bombillero - see online stadium
25 Anfield------------------Updated mIGUEL
26 Parc des Princes----------Updated Bombillero
27 Stade Velodrome-----------------UpdatedFichier textures + iceman pitch
28 Santiago Bernabeu--------Updated Iceman
29 Signal Iduna Park---Updated
30 Rasunda stadion ------------------------>Commerzbank Arena Bombillero
31 St James Park----------Updated mIGUEL
32 De Kuip-----------Updated Iceman
33 Online / Bunchag ------------------------->Stamford Bridge Bombillero
34 Newlands--------------------------------->Celtic Park Bombillero
35 Olympiastadion Berlin---------Updated Bombillero
36 Riazor------------------------UpdatedWendetta textures + Bomb pitch
37 Mestalla-------------Updated Iceman
38 Seoul World Cup 2002-------------------->Gottlieb Daimler Stadion Iceman

- and skip-br , nt89 for list and if i made a mistake or missed anyone sorry just pm me

MyMy Stadiums PES6 v1 122 MB
MyMy Stadium UPDATE v1.1 (apply after v1 duh)

If you have Previous option file (and 2 mem cards) - create a new one (swap mem cards) and transfer stadium names in game edit mode using
edit mode->data manager or Just use pesfans editor on pc

MyMy Mini Mix v2
MyMy Mini v2.0
MyMy Update v2.1 fixed
OPTION FILEs Many versions INcluding NeoSeeker 3.6 Option File

Also Full Links provided by BSMAFF :cool:

see update to v2 link for logos

for info only
MyMy Mini Update 1.4 & OF v1.5 (11/01/07)
MyMy Mini Update 1.41b & OF v1.5 (11/01/07)
MyMy Adapted PESRevolution OF 1.3
MyMy Adapted PESRevolution OF 1.2
MyMy Adapted PESRevolution OF v1.1
MyMy Mini Mix v1 9.35 MB
FIXED (Bothered)
Corrected Replay Ball Names,
Corrected Master League Preview Balls
Corrected Teamgeist names
Corrected LFP & EPL ball mix up
-New Balls, Correct Ball Names, Correct Ball Preview, (bothered)

Puma V1.06 Red
Nike Aerow II EPL
Nike Aerow II LFP
Nike Aerow II HI-VIS (Yes new one)
Adidas Finale Blue
Nike Mercurial Vapor Gold
Adidas Gold +Teamgeist
Puma V1.06 Blue
Adidas Orange +Teamgeist
Adidas Finale Orange
Adidas Red +Teamgeist
Adidas Finale Champions League
(the thing, Damned if i missed ya buzz me)
-Correct League Cup Logos (Higgs)
-Correct Club & National & Bundesliga Emblems (Higgs, Jayz123,Abhishek)

-Correct Team Names
-UEFA Champions League Adboards (I re-edited arquero7171)

-Supporters Flags (Jayz123)
-Sky Replay Logo, Champions League Score line

MyMy Chants v1 260.62 MB (If you have MyMy WE10 use 0_SOUND from there)
-All Club and National Chants for WE10 -> PES6 Compatible
(Solidus + Maximo Rearranged by KM (Some more national chants by Jonboyo & Man Utd Chants by Me)
-Xtreme Emotion Patch By Tridek (better goal celebrations);6153075;;/
MyMy Chants Update v1.1 (apply after v1 duh)this is also in the mymy mix v2 download)

MyMy Music v1

Apply to folder (not iso)

Tools used in making patch - DKZ Studio, Game Graphic Studio,
WEPicDecoder, Skip-Br Tool, 'The Tool' and a Hex Editor :w00t

if you do cool if you dont cool, just be constructive

rECOMMENDED cOMMENTARY (NACK's FIFA - beta so dont bitch but it still so good)

Note 1 0_Sound from we10 seems to work perfectly for chants straight
into pes6 or look here for alternative Tommsen Chant Pack
Note 2 even before this patch it seems to be raining more or maybe its
cuz i have the UK version lol

Huge thanks goes to Bothered and all who made this mix possible. :w00t ;)
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10 stones of barbed wire
Is this for PS2?? i noticed it has ps2 in the title of the thread, i have a max drive, can i download to that and then onto ps2 memory card?


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can other friends upload bootpack to include in this patch..


thanks for your offer,

if you wish to add a friends bootpack do so as a separate
download to this one, if people like it they may use it as
an optional addition to their own personalised mix patch.

when posting a patch/addon download, please state for what
platform/version the download is for and who created it, this
info is important so proper credits are given.


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I've got my iso file, bur I haven't max drive, does it work anyway if I apply the patch?
Thamks a lot


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just burned this sucker and it fucking rules man, thank u very much for the dl, is there a emotions (extra chants and goal cheering) patch i can put with this or a fifa commentary patch?

my friends think im a pro evo god now lol, they all love this and wanna know how i did it, im gonna send 'em here =)


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I've got my iso file, bur I haven't max drive, does it work anyway if I apply the patch?
Thamks a lot

the Option File v1.12 download includes other formats
for you to pass the OF's info to your memory card...

cd2mem is the most used if no max drive (or similar tool)
is available. (cd2mem requires a blank CDR)

burn imagen.bin / imagen.cue to a CD = cd2mem
insert CD into PS2, instructions on how to use
program once it has loaded can be found @
follow instructions from step 7. Uploading.
NOTE: PS2 must be modded or use swap trick.
Memory Card requires atleast 1300kb free space.


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Downloaded this beauty last night. Will give it a go when I get home from work. Seems like this weekend coming up is gonna be a easy one with no clubbing. PES and Canis Canem Edit ftw!



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im using cantonas option file which has boots in it, paired with this patch my game has all the bells and whistles of fifa but the gameplay of pes

i winz all =)

+rep for the original post tyrvas


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MyMyLivChe Optional add-on for MyMyChants&Cheer

Update: MyMyLivChe Optional add-on for MyMyChants&Cheer

Bothered @ evo-web said:
argentina is chanted by the united fans regularly for
gabriel heinze a fans favourite

speaking of which new liverpool chants, and chelsea chants relinked back into team. apply to folder as rebuild needed
3.08 MB


10 stones of barbed wire
OK, can somebody give an idiots guide to having all of those lovely goodies on my PS2??....I Have a max drive and can easily get my machine chipped, please be gentle, Steven hawking i am not!! somebody said, these patches c/w pes gameplay would make me stay in the house for ever and ever amen.

p.s. please please please help me in this