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Pes6 new option file 09/10 all transfers


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ok there wernt cheating but it wasnt fair playing 8 vs 11 but the suspensions were right,it was just a matter of luck to get 3 players out!!


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pls say the truth about this match algeria egypt
what do u think ?

:D it's Algeria 0 .vs. 4 Arbitre
the three red cards are not real it's out off the football game amigo:happy:
because Algeria is the team of the year!! ;)
hhh :D
excuse my bad english!!
1 . 2 . 3 Viva L'Algérie :cool::happy:


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1 2 3 Viva l'algerie ^^
1 2 3 Viva l'algerie ^^
1 2 3 Viva l'algerie ^^
don't worry we are french hhhhhhhhhh parle en francé tkkt pa lol


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ok they are right and chaouchy must have been sent off from the begining because he hit the refree, belhaj did an obvious danerous tackle from back,hillche tackled mt3eb and got a real yellow 1,you know there is 1 or 2 penalties that the refree didnt gave them for us..its not our problem that you dnt play fair play
......that changes nothing about that we are brothers....i can post a vidieo for proving that if you want!!


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It will be good if lgotzy or someone could make those new kits of 2010 and the new ball for world cup.


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You can convert any PC file to a PS2 Max one (or vice versa) with the PES Editor 6.0.6 :

You first open an old PES6 file in the format you want, (i.e Max) then open the new file you want to convert as Option File 2, and simply convert OF1 > OF2.

good joob... ISS72... n the good man....:):)

Hello guys...sorry sorry sorry...


take this link for kitserver......who work perfect with my option file


Well you have my option file....

I have more for you...but tell me if now the game are change to make it better.. please....

the new pro evo era in next coming

pes2010 is tragic...

play pes6
please.. can you upload in other link such as mediafire not rapidshare .... please...please....please...:(:( :( ..lgotzy02.. i very need that kit server...
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thank u very much man really agood work but i want only to tell u that the kit sercer make the game slow and i want to aske u a question is egypt in this optiom file ? and thanx again man