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Player goalie = rubbish


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Hey everyone,

I'm getting really frustrated at getting chance after chance and superman in the cpu goals stops everything then a single pass through the middle ensures their striker goes one on one with the donkey in goals.

Is anyone else finding this? How do I counter-act this? I'm playing on Professional yet finding it tougher than any previous pro to even score and I need help!


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Scoring when 1v1 is extremely easy as the goalie AI is pants in close. Anything over 6 yards and he is a demon, but anything closer and he cant do squat. In my BAL game I had 45 goals last season on Top Player from simply getting in the box and walking it around the keeper or taping shoot to dink it past him.

When shooting from any kind of range, in 2012 you absolutely need to pay attention to the power gauge and you have to aim properly. Its no good just hitting the button and hoping for one to go in, you now have to actively chose a direction to shoot in or else its an easy one for the keeper as its straight at him.

Though when it comes to the power gauge itself, its extremely inconsistant. I have yet to get a proper feel for shooting at range with it because of the inconsistancy of the gauge. Small taps at range can trundle along the ground or zoom off at incredible speeds with no way to tell which its going to do.

So my advice is get yourself 1v1 with the keeper and take it around him rather than shooting. You will get a lot more goals this way, especially with something like the mathews faint.


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I agree OP... For me it seems the AI for our own keepers isnt great... However AI on the opposition keepers is WAAAAAY to good... This game makes keepers like Paddy Kenny play like they are the best keepers in the world. Frustrating and annoying.

Lexandro, ML and BAL seem completely different to me, I find it easier to score with a player on BAL then when i get a 1 on 1 in ML. For me i find it easier to score from further out. Too close and the keeper most the time always gets it or when i ask for a decent shot the player decides to slide and scuff one.

Shooting for me is a mess and so inconsistent... IF they sorted it out and made shooting consistent, it would be one of the best shooting systems i have seen. Inconsistency lets it down... Ie in some games i will click for the ball to go in a certain direction and it will always go the way i ask, However other times it goes in the opposite direction... Or i have asked it to go one way, its gone the opposite way and i have been lucky to still get a goal.


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I missed a frickin open net which my striker lofted over with his weak foot eventhough he was right in front of it. Even Tevez could have scored it. Cost me the game eventhough I just tapped the shoot button. Shooting is a definite mess and the OP is defo right. The game is unbalanced between you and the cpu. The CPU hardly ever make mistakes in their passing or interceptions whilst we make tons.


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best keeper is the young player named Shovkovskyl(improving) or older rui patrecio(89) well in mine of course