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Player Regens


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My Halilovic isn't developing at the rate I'd like tbh. He's at an 82 ovr after 3 seasons at 22 years old I think. His stamina is still only 74 which is annoying.

I've brought in Dele Alli (who's an year older but grown to 85 ovr) and a McNish (only grown one point to a 78 ovr) as my two other AM's though I've only had them for one season each and I play Dele Alli as a CM sometimes so Halilovic still gets to play at least half the games.

I've done focused training on him before, I switched his playing style from dummy to number 10, tried different training, had some bandeiras, etc but not much of a breakthrough. I've also brought in Lo Celso on a free who's an 84 ovr and only an year older and is a 'creator' so providing a training boost.

I'll probably sell the Lo Celso for a profit but thinking it might be time to ditch Halilovic if he doesn't grow much after this season.


A few lesser known regens that interest me: Simon Francis who's a RB. He was a 70 ovr coming in after 3 seasons, seems to grow fairly decently on loan. I like him because he has good stamina, good defending attributes, and decent crossing....something a lot of RBs are missing.

I signed Cubera as a CB regen and he's at a 72 as a 17 or 18 year old, he has very high stamina and speed but his actual defending prowess and ball winning is only low-mid 70s, still, he intrigues me.

Bruno Cesar (CB), Hubocan (CB), and Wernbloom (CM) are three other players that regenned at around 70-72 which have grown a lot, I don't have them on my team but Cesar is an 80 ovr at 19 years old. I actually had him, loaned him out, then sold him and he's grown a tonne so I might re-sign him. His actual defensive attributes are VERY high and I think I should get rid of my 25 year old 82 ovr Bailly or my 78 ovr Doucoure who haven't grown much and sign Cesar as my third CB after Tah and Jagielka. I have too many CMs but Wernbloom has a 92 stamina and very good defensive attributes which are important for my CMs.


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I think I should get rid of my 25 year old 82 ovr Bailly or my 78 ovr Doucoure who haven't grown much

my Doucoure 25 Y



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Yeah I moved him, he was at a 78 at the age of 21 or 22, I don't see him growing to 93 within a few seasons unless I constantly play him over Tah and Jagielka. Bailly actually peaked at 82 so I moved him as well.

I brought in a regen of Cesar (this guy), he's at an 81 at the age of 19. He regenned on my team at I think 72, I sold him off, and he grew to be the 2nd best dman in the game after Jagielka so I brought him back. Cubero is my 4th CB, he's only a 74 but his speed/stamina stats are very good and his defensive stats aren't that high yet but he intrigues me, he's 17.

I had a 75 ovr Gabi regen as a CM in my team and just signed him, I'm curious if he'll end up being better than Tiago who's at an 81 after a couple seasons.