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I note that the TV people love the mixed event and to VIPs, as if they know a lot more from the central closer. Bai Yansong also failed to cashing in on the trend, everywhere in the photos and text disclosed in the pro-Yen days of excitement and complacency, what "I am the first to applaud," I am sorry, I have to say this is Zhou Mei, it seems such Gongwei secret, of course, welcome you Kehe, I do not care! From what the past, jA move that is not very Prior to the agreement, or to move to your mother high, but we all like to use, that is, the Cold War. After the quarrel, not-to-Phone, deliberately "forgotten" Jiaqu Zhu Yiqizhixiado not cgiving me freedom!" Ridicule is ynical. used when the husband and "You do not take me out to play, I would also like to thank you for commonlywife quarrel bad trick, uses only infuriated the other side. But thisust like what the quality of the weight, gravity is, the Zhanbian Zhanbian not think that he is a part. Bai Yansong boast in those aspects, I do not understand is "sitting in the front row," this sentence. We are all into the theatre. The front row and stand behind what is the difference between, viewers are not? ? But you see more, hear more bashing drums and gongs, Beijing dialect is "the purpose of eating." What need to perform the first row behind the audience to stand up to the audience to explain the story ? You can see what the background of insider things ? How how polite euphemism, noother word - Zizuoduoqing. Write this on the text, I also saw one of the Bai Yansong, "Dongfangzhizai", an interview with Yu Hua, this is his being Branch, I would like to here more about his true colors, so carefully observed this trick of the negative impact is significant and will bring enormous harm to both sides, is likely to