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Poor Online experience with PES 2011


Registered User
i just got my PC copy and
i have troubled with the online mode.

in the first 20 times i tried to connect all i got is "an error has occurred" or
"network connection was lost".
when i manage to connect, the game itself, it's like slow motion at times
and i find it hard to enjoy this mode (for which i paid 20 pounds )

i have 12MBPS down and 1MBPS up, not much but it should hold PES 2011 online solidly.

so what the hell? are you guys experiencing problems with the European servers? all the rooms i get in have the red flashing light that says (poor connection)
but it doesn't make sense that all users across Europe have poor connection.

i opened the pes default port, also tried other ports opened in my router and i enabled UPNP, disabled windows and the router firewall.
nothing helps, i also ran a network statistics during online game and i see it send about 5-7KB and receive 5-10KB...that's very low :no:


Registered User
PES has been this way ever since PES 2008.

Konami clearly cannot get online working well on non-Japanese internet connections and it is wrecking their fanbase.

I myself will be playing FIFA 11 this year for online, although I think PES is more enjoyable game.