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PROFEY V2 Dutch 2nd Division, based on Daymos V2.


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This is the Jupiler League, the 2nd division in Holland. Based on the V2 from Daymos, the Npower has been overwritten by me. This means it works fine with the V1 and probably with the multiple V3 OFs.

This OF was a huge job for me. It was my FIRST!! and I am very statisfied with the result. If I'd knew how long it would take to create such an OF, I probably wouldn't have started at all.
Creating the emblems and kits took me about 2,5 hours for every club.
Creating the players, strategy and etc took me also 2,5 hours.
5 hours a club, times 18, equals 90 hours total!!!.

Emblems and Kits:
-100%( All are correct. These are made with livevision cam. SO PERFECTION ON KITS AREN'T GARANTEED.) Emblems are looking great and also the League emblem is included.
-. Strategy is based of VI international seasonmagazine 2010/2011.
- 60 to 70% of the squadnumbers are correct. These were hard to find.
Sources are and www.elfvoetbal.
- 100% ( All squads are complete, even with the LAST WINTER TRANSFERWINDOW.
Player indv.:
-100% on names, nationality and age.
-90% on heights and weight. Sources are: and
-75 to 80% on looks: Most faces and haircuts are correct and those players are deffinitly reconisable.
- These stats are based on reputation, fame and own knowledge. Most of the players are terribly bad in real life. So they're not that different to eachother. ( But everyone is unique, so no copies.) But i know who the better players are and I gave them certain qualities and better stats. If anyone dissagrees with my statschoises, I don't care, change it if you like. I made these with all honesty.