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PS2 MaxDrive Option File [aj1981 v0.8]


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PS2 Pes2008 MaxDrive Option File Version 100%

-Corrected Club team names
-Corrected player names (Lower Case letters)
-Corrected Stadium names
-Unlicensed club team kits updated (white stripe on back of man utd kit)
-Duplicate players removed
-Full Bundesliga team (badges,kits, players) + (Kahn added in Bayern Munich)
-4 extra team playing in Champion League
-U21 team now include
-Classic is gone!! (wahey!)
-99999 PES Points

new update file released on filefront only.

updated version from last file with all winter transfer and now with U21 national team overwriting classic and loads of players overwriting not in game and golden oldie.

the top 4 English team have plenty of youth to make master league worthwhile.

-Credit to and esp BIG thanks to BigBoss for option file base.

-Bundesliga Option file credit to The REVO-Mini Team/Cristiano.

****************************** *************************
-Any mistake in the OF, please post it below, thanks.
****************************** *************************

By Smoki -

Full Brit Master League Option File PS 2
Updated version of the aj1981 option file, this file is the best you will find for the PS2, fairly confident in that..

Includes all from AJ1981 previous Release and More

Added Aberdeen & Hearts with all correct kits, updated transfers, emblems and logos for a full Brit Master League!! (replaced Locomotiv Moscow & Hammerby)

Added more players to free agents and Hidden Master League players

Made Arsenal a bit better, with slightly more realistic stats!

Updated All of the Team Flags, added and updated emblems, including Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Celtic, Rangers,

All items Unlocked with 50000 PES


Max Drive version >>>
X-port version >>>

Credits to AJ1981,, BigBoss, The REVO-Mini Team/Cristiano, pategato & goalgerd


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thanx man, hopefully by the time you come back from your hols there will be a complete o/f


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so where s the file? i checked your blog but it's still morning for me probably cos couldn't find it!

iv seen some other files there...


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i hope i do finish it off but by the time i get back there will prob be loads of OF wiv the full completed teams, kits, players!


No. You use the max drive to transfer the option file from your PC (after you download it) to your PS2 memory card.


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it depends if you have a chipped ps2 or not i think , i have a chipped one and i simply downloaded the max drive software and used an ordinary usb stick to transfer the saves.


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i have uploaded an updated OF(V0.85) wiv few players extra and shak donst kit improved with sponser badge on it and few more german team impro and that white stripe on back of man utd kit!!


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-Corrected Club team names
-Corrected player names (Lower Case letters)
-Corrected Stadium names
-Unlicensed club team kits updated (Emblems and Logos added)
-Most duplicate players removed
-Full Bundesliga team (badges,kits) + (only 75% players in the team)
-3 extra team with Shakhtar Donsk, Heart and Aberdeen
-99999 PES Points

PS2 MaxDrive Option File wiv completed full english prem kit/names/players transfers and 75% progress german team/names/players also wiv heart, aberdeen and shak donst replacing WE, PES and one german place.

(some german teams need more players and it is unfinished!!)

an excellent base file for those who like to carry on the work and also play wiv full british master league.





can anyone make bin cue please?