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ps2 option file by Tekkenvn final edition(but still missing club team )


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-Correct names for all clubs and national teams in lower case
-Correct names for all club, national, hidden, ml youth and old players
-Duplicate players marked as xxxx_2 and replaced in national teams with real players
-All transfers done
-EPL players numbers assigned
-EPL league kits+amblems+logos done
-Spanish La Liga kits+amblems+logos done
-National kits+amblems done
-Bayern and Wolfsburg added in Other teams C and kits+amblems+logos done
-Correct names for all stadiums as: "Wembley Stadium, London (ENG)"
-arsenal and bayern u-21 teams replace two pre-career teams in BAL mode with real kits and amblems
-99999 points
-player names, logos and amblems fixed thanx to tolinho
-All player create in EDIT PLAYER and Fix some Face(David N'Gog and more)
-Add young player(Soriano,J.Dos Dantos)

To error_1205 and Kratos
are you can edit some Team missing in UEFA Champion League??
my PC can't use PES Editor because can't open jar file


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First, there are still duplicated players
Second, Bayern and Wolfsburg in team C, that means they can't join in UEFA CL