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[PS2 & PC] Pescrazy's Ultimate PES6 Option File V2 - Updated Feb 2nd


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You followed the instructions exactly on the first post?
I'm a little confused. I did as you said in the first post, but now I realize that I have two names, Administrator and HP_Administrator! The file is in HP_Administrator. Should I paste it to Administrator?

Sorry for my noob questions. I'm very grateful for your help.


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I'm a little confused. I did as you said in the first post, but now I realize that I have two names, Administrator and HP_Administrator! The file is in HP_Administrator. Should I paste it to Administrator?

Sorry for my noob questions. I'm very grateful for your help.

Administrator I think

HP administrator sounds like your printer :D

Hiki United

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Hello Pescrazy!

Please finish the suffering and release V3!!! 2nd to none!!! Forget the rest!!! Don´t want to play with anything else!!!

Cheers!!! :)

Evo legend

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I just can't finish V3 at the moment. I'm just too busy.

I still want to:

Update Bundesliga Faces
Update Boots

While there are those who knit pick about the smallest details in a OF, I am not one of them. How bout you release what you have done so far & when you have completed it release the full version a bit later? Personally, I don't go near the bundesliga & not worried about boots. PM me if you could adhere to this request mate! Appreciate your work man!!


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Available for the following formats- PS2 and PC

Make a Donation for my file here!

If you appreciate the work I do to make your PES experience better, feel free to donate a sum of money by following the link below. Donations are always appreciated but never mandatory :)


* All the transfers from the January transfer window have been done. All new players have been created
* 100% Correct Club Team Names and Player Names
* 100% Correct Stadium Names and Cup Names
* 100% Fully Up to Date club squads
* Every kit for the whole game has been edited to perfection! Unlicensed teams look as good as the licensed ones!
The only file from a recognised kit maker!
* All kits and back/short numbers extensively researched with Gettyimages for the most realistic kits around!
* All flags for teams tweaked for realism!
* New kits included! The only file to include the only-recently-announced new kits such as Paraguay's move to Adidas from Puma, and Uruguay's move to puma kits! Now includes Mexico's new adidas kit for even more realism!
* New Barcelona kit and Bayern kit with the Unicef and T Mobile sponsers on!
* Full German Bundesliga! Includes all kits and players!
* New appearances added from only the best facemakers
* All the Champions League teams!- AEK Athens, Levski Sofia, Steaua Bucharest and Spartak Moscow all feature for playing the Champions League on PES!
* Amazing high quality colour logos for all teams - including nationals!
* Accurate appearances and stats for Created Players from the best creators at and FM07
* All squad numbers correct
* No More Duplicate Players
* Stadium names correct
* All Shop Items Locked with 9,999 PES points to buy what you want
* High quality of club badges- all teams look licensed!
* New youngsters added over some useless free players for an even better ML experience!
* Extensive work on Accessories and Shirt Names, with lots of attention to detail
* Armbands correct for every team
* Some more boots assigned
* Appearances for Created players all done
* Squad Numbers 100% Correct
* All Captains fully updated for all teams
* Boots all sorted with a variety of designs including PUMA, NIKE, ADIDAS, DIADORA and more...
* One of the most worked on files!
* Has been fully tested for accuracy and mistakes have been wiped out
* Looks beautiful in game! No need to go into edit mode ever again! Enjoy PES the way you are supposed to!
* All errors found in V1 have been fixed!

Plus much more! Has to be seen to see how good this is!

What's new in V2?

* All January transfers will be done / new players will be created
* Even more appearances added from!
* More boots assigned!
* Youngsters added! Even better ML experience!
* Any errors found fixed
* Any new announced kits will be changed!

And much more!

What will be in V3?

* Focus on individual players. Hundreds of appearances from the best facemakers on PESFan will be added!
* More boots assigned
* New kits announced will be added! New England home kit will feature!
* Any errors found will be fixed
* FC Bayern Munchen and CSKA Moscow will be switched round

And much more!


Links for V2

PS2 (max-drive)
Filefront Link
Megaupload Link

PS2 (x-port)
Filefront Link
Megaupload Link

Filefront Link

Filefront Link
Rapidshare Link

Spanish .xps and .max versions
German .xps and .max versions
French .xps and .max versions

American Version
.Max Format
Permanent Link
FileFront Link

.Xps Format
Permanent Link
FileFront Link


Pescrazy's Ultimate PES6 Option File: © 2007 by Greg Simpson (~pescrazy2006)
Please do not copy, steal or reproduce my work in any way without prior consent of me.
This option file is for personal use only. Please do not use my work to make a profit commercially.

Do you also changed the second kit for Juventus?
The Black to Red?


Registered User
i guess waiting for a good release is better than a half done one.
V2 is pretty updated anyway.. so keep up the good work.

Evo legend

Registered User
so how many of you think that that pescrazy's option files are the best?

Don't get me wrong pescrazy's option files are always great work but this update has just taken an excrutiatingly long time to come out!! I'm not criticising coz I know how much work goes into making option files but when your a pro evo addict it's just damn hard!! But have you not tried milanista & mikes OF mate? It's awesome!! Also, why the obsession with ad boards?! They hardly alter the game that much!!