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[PS2] PES5 PESfan V2 Option file


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Zygalski said:
Yes, this file is made specifically to be used with the original game. And it's great. Well worth it using (and buying a Max Drive for).
I've got a max drive and am not the biggest fan of it. Ever since it corrupted my memory card which had my Gran Turismo save on it...

Bin/Cue man myself....

But thanks for the heads up Zyg


It was more likely to be you that messed up the saves rather than the max drive. Most people don't have any problems with it ;)

Make regular backups of all your saves to be safe.

Los Galactico

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Is there alot of difference between V2 and V1, because I have V1 and I have edited quite a few things on it so don't know if to bother getting V2. Also any news on when V3 is out?


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Hi gentlemen,

I burned bin/cue with Nero, burn image. But when I put the newly created disc in my modded ps2 it makes screecing sound and does not work at all. I've already destroyed 3 discs, so it cannot be media problem.

I hope you can help.

// illias


All CD2mem info and help is available here. Every problem possible has been posted in there, probably with all of the answers too.


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The option file has been taken down from the PESFAN.COM site for copyright reasons. Can it be posted else where so we can download it.



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hi guys - im a regular on pesfan so i thought id fill you in

theres been a legal issue with the premier league whereby theyve basically told the mods that posting any option files or editing tips including club names and badges is in breach of copyright of the fa premier league. as a result of this, all editing forums have been removed from the site as a legal precaution.

a quick warning to you guys, im not sure if the premier league are on the warpath but you may be next. ridiculous if you ask me but theres not much that can be done


We as a site are not hosting any files so they can't have any problems with us. If any individual chooses to upload the files and share the links, that's up to them.

The lesson to the premier league should be to stop being so greedy and do the decent thing for all fans of the games by selling the rights to premiership teams and logos to konami. If it's an exclusive licence then that's their own fault.

If they think people will not edit the club names to be the correct ones (for their own personal use for a game they have bought) than they truly are living on some strange planet far away.


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thing is though, that apart from the pesfan OF, no other files or images are hosted on the site - yet mods have decided to remove the whole editing section

i agree totally about the premierleague zygalski. have they honestly got nothing better to do than nitpick over non-profit option files


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It maybe coming from EA who do after all pay for these rights, so they may be applying pressure to the FA.

However i do believe this to be totally unjust, therefore i would advise that PESFan and any other PES appreciation/modding site inform the big games networks (especially UK based ones like CVG) about this to maybe bring more public awareness to this issue.

Stevie Baby

Village Idiot
What a load of shite. How can you breach copyright laws for that!?

It's like being sued for saying "Chelsea" and drawing a fucking Arsenal shirt.

Jesus Christ what a bunch of greedy cunts. Sue me bitches :angry:

In other news, Zyg, could you host this OF somewhere else and PM me with it, just so there's no proof of you doing the tiniest thing to upset some overpaid desk-homo in footie land. Thankye.