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[PS2] winning Eleven 10 Option File (max)


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Had to get rid of some random players in manu and liverpool...but overall i found it to be a great option file

Thanks alot m8


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Tottenham H. should be Tottenham Hotspur

Middelsbrough should be Middlesbrough

The inclusion of Forest, Wolves, Hearts and Leeds is interesting, but the logos have been done in game and therefore are poor quality.

Fenerbache have the Middlesbrough emblem, Anderlecht have the Villa emblem, Manchester United's emblem is wierd, and it's a shame about Arsenal and Chelsea's kits. But otherwise, it seems fine.


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also, the ghana badge is wierd, and I've only just noticed, but Portugal have got the Morrisons Supermarket logo for their badge. Fair enuff, but you should put this in the description.


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upload again please


the bin and cue link is dead.

can someone please upload this file again?
maybe use, as it doesnt have a download limit.

many thanks.


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cheers, but im more looking into a option file that has all the latest transfers really, but the kits are a bonus.

does whistle's have the latest transfers?

i searched the whole site for a OF with the latest transfers for WE10 but i cant find any apart from the one listed on this thread.

or can you direct me to a thread that does have one?

many thanks


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cheers mate, your a legend!

so you recommend that one for the latest transfer? it seems the best one..