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[PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)


Registered User
Is there any way to transfer files all in 1??
I do it last year manualy,it took me over
When go to PS3 SAVES and open USB and
press triangle i got
more option...I got Multiman 4.05 please

Is transfering only possible with USB,no external hdd??
I must have folder PS3,than SAVEDATA and there will be thimgs from you,right?


Registered User
There's a shop in ml/bal for training things. boots are earned thought games. There is no players to unlock this year.


New Member
Hi Glen, I was just wondering when you think you might have the OF updated? Sorry for being so impatient, your files have enlightened my PES experience to no end since PES 2010 :)


Registered User
hi glen i finally got konami update on
so happy to get your file at last cause its the best for me(hull fan)
just a quick one really is the teams fixed due yet?
thanks mate


Registered User
Installed your file at the weekend and was very impressed

I normally put out an edited game play version of the file out each year, would it be ok if I used your option file and tweaked some of the player stats and put it out?

I would off course give credit to you


Registered User
Got my hand on 4 copies of PES 2013 Bles 01708 at last.

Time to download the editor file.

By the way, what is the 3rd kits file all about.

Do I have to copy to the PS3 directory


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not sure if you check here still on here glen but i have just seen you twitter post with the forest team, there's two missing players for us, Robbie Findlay and Johnathan Greening. also Tugay has just joined Barnsley on loan.


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ive just recently purchased the new pes 2013 . but do i install the data pack 2.0 first before the konami 1.01 update at start and before the option file because when ive installed the option file it says unable to load edit data as its from another user . ive never had any trouble with the previous installement of the game .


Registered User
you have to update pes first before the option file. so that's data pack 2 and version 1.1 of the game.