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[PS3 US version]Pelegrini90's Option File

Don Ramon

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Originally Posted by Pelegrini90
I mean Winter Transfers.

Ok, sorry for asking this... when you finish the upgrade? I want to start a new Master League... Thanks for all!



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I've been looking through the Npower, and the only thing I've noticed so far that I'm going to fix is getting rid of K Bartley from Sheffield. Only because he's now in the game on loan to Rangers (Sct).

Everything is great.

I move players back to their owner teams (not loan), but other than that, this file is basically ready to rock. Awesome job, thanks Pelegrini.


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Hi pele, thank you for putting up this awesome OF, I'm not sure if this is correct, is all the teams have sponsors on there jersey? Because i was playing some Europe team and they don't have a sponsor logo in front of their jersey, please let me know if this is okay or i did something wrong with the OF. Thanks.


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very,very,very nice PELE.... Brazil is with you!!!

Konami is this spy OF surely that 2012 would be much, much better!!


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This is a great option file, but it would be better if you removed the NPOwer league and created the mexican soccer league


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Hi guys i need help for this option file, i download and follow everything as instrustions but when i turn on the game it said it can not load data becuz it's a different version. I have US version and this is a US version option file right? Thanx in advance


This is a great option file, but it would be better if you removed the NPOwer league and created the mexican soccer league

What would actually be better if Konami had enough slots for NPower and primera mexcio, and Serie B, and Scottish Premiere, and Segunda, and MLS, and Brasiliero, and so on, and so on, and so on............


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Here is jozy altidore face build

Thanks goes out to BORU

It's simply amazing.

base 5\1\1\7\-4,4\-6\\-2\3\6\7\5,0\7
brows 12\1\1\3\-6\1\-6\3\4\same as hair
eyes 10\1\2\-5\5\-7\-6,-1\-1\-3\1\-2\-4,-7\bright\1
ears -4\-2,-4
nose 1,5\-7,-3\0\1\-4,-4\5
mouth 5\0\1\5,-3\0,5\-2,1\-2
jaw -1\0\7
beard 29\3\rgb 31 20 14
hair appiah - ghana


Thanks BrandonB - I wasn't catching on you meant a direct face create in the game itself. I did see something similar but didn't post thinking you were on the trail for an image. I thought I was going to have to go with this;



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I have your fourth release,
im having some doubts
1-i have to install DLC(march) and then copy the files from the seventh release?
2-if i copy the files, what would happen to my OF? Will I lose all the changes that i've done? How about the GP and the players i've unlocked? and all the history that stay register since I started playing?



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I´m really sorry about this....I didn´t know he was going to dissapear and there is no way to get him back now.

I mean Winter Transfers.

Actually I tried this with PES2010, and I'm sure you can do so with PES2011. You go to somewhere on the saved game files (I don't remember exactly) and you find all the updates you downloaded, and you can delete the latest one. I've done in PES2010 to get Van Nistelrooy & it worked :)


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Thank you for the amazing work you've done on this OF. I have a question, if I want to add a specifc emblem logo for a team, what do I have to do?
Any help would be truly appreciated.