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[PS3 US version]Pelegrini90's Option File


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Alguien sabe porque no se puede encontrar a Roberto Carlos en la master league de PES 2011 ? si claramente lo tenemos a disposicion en la lista de jugadores brasileros

Anybody knows why i cant find Roberto Carlos on the Master League ?

Because he doesn't play for any of the team that are in your master league..


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I have your fourth release,
im having some doubts
1-i have to install DLC(march) and then copy the files from the seventh release?
2-if i copy the files, what would happen to my OF? Will I lose all the changes that i've done? How about the GP and the players i've unlocked? and all the history that stay register since I started playing?



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Pelegrini could you update pes 2011 with teams that were promoted to the main tournament of each country?
example, QPR and Norwich in the Premier League, Real Bets BBVA league, Hertha Berlin and FC August. Bundesliga

out other ... please master ...

hugs hugs ... preto'o


I knew we luved you Pele - but I didn't know the masses luved you so much to be making demands as the above posts.
C'mon guys - how much as actually changed since his 7th update - something like 15 tranfers, all but 4 of them being minor? Should there already be such a demand for a new update? You shoud be able to move teams around freely between NPower and EPL.
Let Pele rest - I am waiting to butter him up for PES2012 when it comes out.


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Great patch from the feedback and what I'm reading in the description. I'm having a problem though, and any help would be appreciated. I can't seem to even see the patch on my USB when I connect it to my PS3. I have already tried using WinRAR or WinZIP on it, but nothing. Thanks.


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i have PES2011 US Version and i have download your OF, but i can not make it work because i can't install datapack 7.00

i'm using original FW 3.56 without internet connection, how can i install dlc on my ps3 ?

please help


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Cuando Konami actualize las plantillas a finales de agosto , supongo yo ... Tambien actualiza los uniformes ? Acaso tu podria actualizar los uniformes a sus nuevos estilos, marcas o patrocinadores ?


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Santos F.C.

Hola! Tengo el ultimo O.F. y aparece el Internacional (de Brasil) 2 veces. Quisiera sustituir el que se creo por el Santos F.C. que no me aparece. Como puedo hacer???


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Anyone knows where can I get some new featured stadiums? I've searched all over the forum for it, but could not find for US version....

P.S. Pele! Where are you dude???