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[PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)


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Hey Paul 1 question mate...i erase PES 2014 cause it suck!
I put 2013 and your file 2.8(350MB) its all,i dont need 1 by 1?
And tell what DLC and the other thing do i need to emplement that dlc?
Can you send me link from right DLC and other thing(cant remeber name) that i need to work you files?
I got BLES01709 i think...and tell me 1 more thing for end...If i input some other PATCH(OF) with Serbian super league,after your files,what will happen?Did i lose yours,that Serbian patch or mass up all and lose everything?
Please answer and you could PM with links cause you know whats right one...
Thanks man...
its all aboout PES 2013...and did i need just last DLC or i must from begining do dowlnoading and install(copy paste if my memory is ok from last year)...?


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Hi Paul, just started getting back into this game and thought I would try your patch. I have to say that it is very good. Thank you.

I would like to ask a question and apologies if it has been answered already. The championship teams don't have their own logo just the championship one. Is that how it is or have I missed something?

I have searched a bit but cannot find the answer.

Thanks again Paul :)


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where's Subotic and Kevin Großkreutz faces? it was default and somehow this of changed it. Is there a way i can have them back?

many thx!


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Hi All, @paul2478
I hope everyone's well! Does anyone know if this option file works with PS3 DLC 1.04? (this is very last update)
I have literally only just bought this amazing game for the PS3. But I am struggling to install any option files due to compatibility issues surrounding Data Packs etc.

If anyone can help with any team Exports (Europe) which contain classic players with relinked faces like Del Piero, Vieria, Henry, Ronaldo R9 and Roberto Carlos, etc. that would be amazing!

Thank you


PES Buck

Staff member
Hi All, @paul2478
ALSO... which DLC Datapack this option file works with? 5.00? 6.00?

Thank you

From Option Version 2.4, his files were on DLC 6.0.

His final OF was Version 2.8

v2.4 Out Now

Hi guys, I have just uploaded v2.4 of my OF compatible with DP 6.00, it contains...

  • More new kits
  • More new players
  • More player apperances
  • Lots of transfers
  • Malaysian NT
Link is up for the update, but the latest full file is still uploading. Before adding this update make sure you have updated your game to v1.04 & Data Pack 6.00.

Enjoy, Paul