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[PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)


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Hi, Cristiano,
for which League do you work especially for transfers ?
especially Bundesliga or others leagues too ?
By my side, I'm working on especially for French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2
and for Liga Santander

Of course especially Bundesliga but also Major transfers in other Leagues, as much as I have enough time ;)


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Are you planning to release updates for teams besides the Bundesliga? (kits & transfers)


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Cristiano 92 beautiful patch, amazing work and credit to everyone involved. My question is, is there a update coming out before pes 2018 releases or no? Thanks again!

Tigers Mad

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I have 2 different profiles as well (actually 4). First, they do not share the same EDIT file - the EDIT file is different on each one. They do share all image you will not be able to install 2 full seperate option files for that reason. What I did was have my main option file on one profile and and on second profile added 3 different leagues....that was about all I was able to add due to both sharing the images.

I am in the USA and about 1.5 months ago on the EU Playstation Store, they had PES 2017 for 7.99 pounds so I bought a digital version.

Now I have US disc version and UK Digital version so it allowed me more option files as the US and UK versions do not share image space.

The best way is to import the team Bin files, then import Emblems then import Kits long way round but nothing gets mixed

john tsios

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please someone help!!!!!which league is complete to fix it and place it in League PAS???I found out that either chinese and japanese leagues aren't complete...some teams are missing???Am i right and what should i do????
the teams that i have to reinput the emblems are Athletic Bilbao,Las palmas,L.A Galaxy and New York it right or i have to fix other problems too.....please help!!!!


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A little bit OT:
Does it matter for the option file for the new PES 2018 if I buy the UK or the german Version of PES?