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[PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)


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Thanks so much for these Cristiano!!

I'm having a small problem though...the Stadium pictures and names don't show up for me in Master League...they're fine and appear in exhibition matches.

Did the OFs test ok in ML? Or is it something Konami or maybe I have done...seems odd they would appear in exhibition and not ML.

Thanks again for everything!

They do appear in ML. At the kick off screen before the match press R1 and it cycles through formation, stadium and team line up


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a big thanks from Germany for the OF.

A few questions:
Can/Should I switch off the live updating of PES?
In case the game crashed during file import everything imported till that point is gone, right? So I should save the date everytime after I successfully for ~15 teams imported?

Once Konami releases a new update - do I have to do all that again?

Thanks a lot

Will also sent you a donation tomorrow as a Thanks for your work! Keep it up! That OF makes a great 2017 version even better! :)


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I've managed to install the latest OF with no problems. I installed 15 files at a time the first few times, but it crashed and so continued doing 12 at a time and it was fine.

Make sure you save after each batch you import!

Cristiano, what can we look forward to in your next update? ;)


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you said :

-"In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select 15-20 exports and cross "Apply Player and Squad Data"

I imported your teams (premier league, serie b, liga, liga nos) without crossing "apply player and squad data".

is it a problem ?


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I have to import now the rest of your Option Files : Bundesliga teams, Celtic, FC Copenhagen and Legia

I must cross for these teams "Apply player and squad data" ?

Duck No.99

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One more thing I noticed while playing a CL game against Legia: the shirt names and numbers have wrong colours...


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They do appear in ML. At the kick off screen before the match press R1 and it cycles through formation, stadium and team line up

Yeah, that's fine...but "in game" it shows Konami Stadium, Burg, etc.
I don't remember it way last had the edited name stadium throughout the match.
Not a huge deal, just didn't think that's the way it should be.


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In your OF, did you add real name of stadiums for all the teams ?

and for licencied teams (ligue 1, ligue 2, eredivisie) , you are going to do it or we must add ourselves the real names of stadium ?


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I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work you and the other creators have put into this for us to enjoy. That is the beauty of internet.