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Read This Before Posting

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1. Before starting a thread read this:

Don't start a thread for a question here! Use the Editing General Discussion Section

In here you can only start threads that contribute something.

When starting a new thread we would like you to use a short "code" to make it easy to see what your thread contains.

Here are some of the things you could use:


You can also think of one yourself if none of these apply.

Please use this or one of the moderators will change your thread title!

2. Before posting a request read this:

Before asking for something you have to look for yourself!
If you can't find what your looking for you can request it.
Do this in an existing thread and don't open a new thread just for a request!

Look carefully. Not everyone takes requests! Bad requests will be deleted! And a second offence will mean a yellow card!

Don't go requesting the same thing in every single thread! When your request isn't answered within 7 days, feel free to ask in another thread.

3. Before posting an Option File keep this in mind:

baddar said:
Completed Option Files should be posted in the correct "Completed Files" sub-section. Any work in progress should go in this section.

You can find the completed files section HERE

4. Before posting anything regarding PC Editing keep this in mind:

Use the sub-section dedicated completely to PC Editing to post anything regarding PC Editing. Main section is only for console editing.

You can find the PC Editing section HERE

5. Give credit!

When you use something created by others, or if someone helps you, you can give that person credit! Use the Thumbs up button in the lower left corner of the post and say: I Approve!

Also try to avoid posting work from others. It's better to link to it. If you do post work of somebody else (from for example another site) always name the original creator!

6. Use direct link!

Use only direct link to the download site, avoid using any adfly-like download link. Any breach of this rule will gets warning and may lead to a ban.

7. All post must have a English translation

This is a English speaking forum, all posts must be in English or have a English translation provided.

Everyone will be given one warning, a second offence will result in a booking, along with every offence after that.
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Because of there is more and more download link with ad-fly like link around lately, we've decide to re-establish the old rule which goes against monetization in this forum.
Use only direct link to the download site, avoid using any ad-fly-like download link.
If one posts an indirect (ad-fly like) link then first offence should be a booking. Next offence should be a week long ban, and then a perma ban after that.

It doesn't mean one can't post download link anymore, we just want to encourage everyone to post the direct link. If someone use indirect link, sometime some people get annoyed and unhappy. We all don't like unhappy people, don't we? So let's keep everyone happy!

Let's PESGaming!
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