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referee in pes6?


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how is the ref in pes6?
because in pes5 you never get a card
you can tackle someone from behind and you sometimes get a card
a player on goal an tackle from behind sometimes get a yellow card
and it have to be 95% of the time red..
but is only is 5%red
and how can you get 10fouls without getting any card
its impossible in real life
i hope in pes6 the ref is much better
more cards i hope


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In PES5 it seemed that sometimes a certain red card tackle was made, the ref played on and the ball was kept in play for too long for him to go back and give the card. In PES6 if a bad foul is commited, and the ref wants to play advantage - no yellow icon come up - the game just continues and even after a prolonged period of time, when the ball goes out, he will issue the card and u will be reminded of the foul by a video replay of it. What used to really annoy me, not at first but after a while, was, when a foul was commited, the ref would walk up to the player and just tap him. If a replay is gonna be used, only have it for a yellow or red card or as a warning that if that player commits another foul, he will be carded - that would make more sense.


The People's Champ
On WE10, I get carded alot, finished a season with Liverpool got 31 yellows and 17 reds lol


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yes well that just shows that your a disgusting player Rafa, just like Liverpool in real life, DISGUSTING

Mr Shhh

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Has your opponent ever been red carded ? never in all the games i played have any of my opponents been sent off. Hope this changes in pro evo 6.


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My brother got the keeper and the sub keeper sent off in one game by them ripping him down as he went round them. You get some games pack with cards.


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Fouls in PES6

..:Cali:.. said:
Apparently the refs in PES6 are a lot more lenient. That' s all I' ve heard...

No, I think that there is a misunderstanding regarding this point. When PES6 is introduced, It is said that there are fewer yellow/red cards. The meaning: the refrees are not lenient in giving cards but they use their whistle fewer than what they do in PES5. This means less fouls, and therefore less cards.


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Mr Shhh said:
Has your opponent ever been red carded ? never in all the games i played have any of my opponents been sent off. Hope this changes in pro evo 6.

true! also they get maybe 2-3 yellow cards in 30 matches.

this has to changes in pes 6.


I have another question about Refs, i heard a while ago they were having proper referees, is this true