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Reset team


Registered User
It looks like I'm going to have to reset my my club team, after this update! I have win 5 games in around 40 matches. I've went division 4 to division 8, my team have just went all retard, they can't score, their first touch bounces of them, players are very slow in turning and always second to the ball, crosses hardly ever meet my players and when they do the headers are very weak or go over the bar. My finishing is abysmal, passing is terrible, the team seem to be very hard to control and there is like a delay when trying to pass, the team is littered with mistakes. I've all ready sold about 30 black balls and tried different managers, this just happened over night, from playing decent enough to get to division 4 to this. I know it's fuck all to do with me! Will resetting my whole team stop this handicap?

I've tried everything, bringing team to level 4 and. Filling bench with whit balls but it's so obvious to what's happening to my team in myclub, I'm thinking the only fix is starting again.

Fuck konami greedy fucks. Lol, this will be the last time I buy pes.

Any ideas?


Registered User
Take a break of a few days or at least a couple of days. Konami released a free version of pes with only myclub and it may be affecting your experience. There is no guarantee that resetting your team will fix this and if it doesn't the cost of it is too high.