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rest in peace 1-2


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here's the tragedy:last year when I bought pes 2011 , I really enjoyed playing it aside from all the bugs it had . after a year and seeing konami repairing those bugs and watching the magnificent improvements over 2012 version, I was deadly eager to play the demo . everything seemed perfect as I expected until I aimed to perform a 1-2 between my players. I passed the first pass holding the L1 button..... oh my god what happened ???!!! my player stoped after three or four lazy steps .I tried again and again ,different situations , different players but it didn't seem to work . what I loved about pes 2011 was its great 1-2 . seeing the players dashing toward goal regardless of being caught in offside what has happened to those players . I hope I would see 1-2 in the next demo otherwise I gotta say : rest in peace 1-2


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Surely it should be the other way round?

1-2 passing and moves between players are a lot better on the demo then on 2011... pes 2011 it seems too much like ping pong passing with no real trying.

However on the demo the 1-2 passing is more realistic, more total football esque and just overall a lot better with better movements, run and even ways to 1-2 pass with increased vision.


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In pes11 it was too easy to do 1-2 passes. You saw people doing the 1-2 passes all the time which is not realistic at all. In pes12 you can still do it but its harder becuase the AI defends much better now. More realistic.