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Retarded players online ps3


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i hate people with stupid bad internet a lot people keeps running to wings and tries to score goal from long ball then header they are just retarded people.Who uses 2 DMF also people who keeps throwing long balls from defence.

If you want to make a match with me here is my psn:ahmetm
I use barcelona.


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He does have a point tho, those who play the ball down the wing in the beginning of the game is kinda cheap. We all know when it comes to playing online, ready to play one game doesnt mean you are ready for the next first game the next day. With a surprise attack down the wing and cross to the middle to me is like using Speed Merchant to score, ie. Pato.

This game is too realistic, and any advantage people can get on another opponent they will continue until they play me. Because when I play, if I get cheesed I will usually find a way to get back into the game unlike others. I want to make this clear once and for all, RATINGS ARE THERE TO JUSTIFY YOUR OWN STATUS, NOT COMPARE TO OTHERS. ITS NOT A COMPETITION. Play the game right, or you will pay for it in series to follow as you learn bad habits.

FUCK all of y'all. I am the best at winning because I can beat young hard-core gamers (even in fucking real life, son. Dont get panna when you play in my park) and old geezers (tactics? football history? stfu, I was born in 1983 and still gaming my life away.)


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Lol, I take it all back. Didn't know this was a 2011 PES thread.

Meanwhile, enjoy.