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Scissors kick


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Does anybody have a video where someone scores a scissors kick in real life,I've seen bicycle kicks,but I've never seen a side kick.
Alan Shearer bagged a side winder for Blackburn ... matrix hang time ...
Chris Sutton was riding Alan's coattails not to dissimilar to mattythewhite and me!

Sea Biscuit


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jlboelen said:
The most beautiful scissors kick that I have ever seen was the one from Marco van Basten against FC Den Bosch:

i do believe you will find that is more of a bicycle kick rather than a scissor kick, as scissor kicks are when the player falls on his side not his back, e.g the guily goal vs lens, couch in the champs league goals.
the van besten goal is excellent but its more of a bicycle kick

luton champion

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notoriousbmc said:
yeah nice but he had time to set himself, sinclairs was out the blue nobody could have predicted it

sinclair had all of the long ball into him to set himself...brkovic only had the nod back...split second

luton champion

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notoriousbmc said:
i understand that youre a luton fan mate but can you honestly say that was a better goal than sinclair's? im not even a QPR fan just thin that its 1 of the best overheads....nay, goals i have ever seen.

well and this 1 too
off topic but still a fantastic strike

no i do think sinclair's is better lol ... just was sayin that sinclair had longer to set himslef than brko...o yeah...seedorf...i cudnt believe it...what a strike


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