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SM PATCH 2.0 (Complete Serie A & Serie B + Bundesliga, CL missing team and much more)


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SM PATCH 2.0 by Soulmirror :

+ Complete Italian Serie A teams (more than 50 new players added, thanks to and Wikipedia)
+ Complete Italian Serie B teams (more than 200 new players added, thanks to and Wikipedia)
+ Full Bundesliga and Eredivisie (thanks to 2010 Patch Version 0.8)
+ Missing Champion's League Team added (Debreceni, Apoel, Maccabi Haifa)
+ All transfers
+ All fake renamed
+ Added some future stars (like Eduardo Salvio, Neymar, Karadeniz, Douglas Costa, Ibarbo, ecc.)
+ Updated some player stats (thx to
+ Classic Team Renamed(Added Pelè, Zico, Platini)
+ All Teams Kits, Flags and Logos including Serie B (thanks to 2010 Patch Version 0.8 and Serie_B Kits)
+ New Balls
+ Calendar Logo Fixed (thanks to CalendarFix by Arsenal4Life)
+ Works with Pes 1.1 official patch

How to install using Kitserver 9.0.5 :

1. Copy the option file in PES2010_EDIT.bin in MyDocuments/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/save
2. Copy the img folder in the img folder of the kitserver (default: kitserver/example-root1; file structure must be PES2010/kitserver/example-root1/img/)



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you should just go to online mode of the game. it will direct you to the website where you can get the patch


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Love it!. However, I do not know where to insert the badges, strips into the game. I'd tried to place it into, Document/ProEvolutionSoccer2010/kitserver/example-root1/img/, however, it didn't worked. I deeply appreciate whoever can help me in this. Thanks in advance.


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Firstly,thanks a lot!

there are some quirks though,I was playing CL with Liverpool when I added this patch.For some reason, The kits/club logo changed to default(read crap).It is no issue for me though as I was still playing the group stage,but others might want to complete their tournament before applying this patch.

Also I was playing WC with Netherlands,for some reason there is quaresma instead of sneijder in the team. ;)

Just minor quirks so far,nothing major.

P.S is there an option file with everything unlocked.I want to start my master league with classic players included.Have already unlocked, brazil, argentina, france.
Also I played with a classic option file in PES 6 with classic club teams,is anyone into stuff like that or classic players are not in vogue anymore :(


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during the master league if you search players in some Serie B teams the game will crash (e.g. Cesena). Why is that? Could you fix it? It will probably crash also when playing against those teams



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Have downloaded this patch. Some of the jerseys in Serie B is not correct. I can't remember which team, they are wearing Roda's (one of the Dutch team) jersey. Just wonder whether your latest version 2.2. has that fixed.

Anyway thanks for the effort, this is the only patch that has the all the relevant teams for Div 1 & 2 plus the opportunity to play against some German teams in the ML.