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something's wrong with my PES4


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greetings lads~

I'm bewildered! am I the only one with these problems or what?

- theres a massive lag if the penalty box is too crowded

- the commentary doesnt make sense! e.g. the guy said my team is on the brink of relegation when im actually 1st (or any other rank, but the relegation zone) in the league. I get this 'brink of relegation' comment almost every time

- when I go on a winning streak, the guy says something like "this is their consecutive win number [no sounds]", all the time

- in master league, when I search for young players in 'unbelonging'.. I found players with insanely crazy stats in some department but extremely low in the other areas. e.g. Attack 40 Acceleration 95 Top Speed 95 Response 95 Agility 40 Short Pass 21 Long pass 30

- the age of some of the real players are wrong (e.g. Gabriel Heinze is 20!)

there's more I think but I'm unable to recall them



Some chick off some site that sells t-shirts.
Someone at evo-web used to use her pic as an avatar and said he knew her. We said "sure!" ;)