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Sunday 4th March - warm-up race at Laguna Seca


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I've now put all the photos up.

Iron - regarding your start, looking at the replay you were definitely slowest off the mark. Did you over-rev (i.e. just hold down accelerate) until the lights? Or did you miss the green light slightly?

Other than that, as Apps said, it could be your gearbox. I had mine tuned to have a top-speed of only about 120mph (knowing that I would never get above about 105 or so). This means you maximise acceleration by shortening the gears. If you were set up to reach about 180mph, it takes longer to get through the lower gears (as the gears are spread wider). The flip-side being you can reach higher speeds eventually (although not on this track).

Abu, I don't have pictures of you finishing unfortunately as the replay only runs for X amount of time after I finished (sorry).

Hoping these pics will attract others to join after they see how cool it is. I think Lupo's on Autumn Ring will be equally impressive, with hopefully more long-term pack racing (as in race photos 2-5 above).

IronCity said:
I must have slipped my mouse past the shot of me picking up gifts when I first looked at them. Just saw now. classic stuff.

Not sure what is funnier. That, or Apps' and Phats' wide-and-wider turns.


I may have over-revved at the 1 second before start but not real bad. However, my gears are set for more of a mid 130s or maybe even 143 top speed I think. I will double check as I fix.

my goal right now is to stay in the pack, even if one leader (nifty) is able to break out I just want to stay up with the "peleton". might have pulled this off if not for stopping for a soda at turn 2.


Good work on the photos Nifty. In the earlier laps it seems the pressure got to me as I didn't want to let up the lead so kept on the accelerator for longer than I should have. That's my reasoning for the wide and wider shot anyway.


^I hope so; I spent 200k on it.

I adjusted my gears last night to tone it down to top speed from 143 to 124. That may help with my acceleration problem.


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I spent 80 on mine then realised you just need to spend 110 on race modifications:facepalm:.
So is my civic fully modified now that I have race modifications then?