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Tactics stat decrease?


Registered User
Right I have a problem which is bugging me.

No matter what i do, no matter what tactics I use and the results i achieve... My tactics stat is just decreasing...

With United near the end of my 3rd season its on 66

How exactly does this happen? I change my tactics during the match depending on my results and tbh I most the time get what I want. Considering I rarely seem to lose and win a lot of my games I cannot understand why this is happening.

Could this be a glitch at all?

Is anyone else having this problem?


Registered User
you should regularly train 'strategy', this will affect the teamwork stats of your players and also the tactics stats of your team,


Registered User
I do regulary train strategy

My training is 3 days Tech, 3 days Speed, 3 days Phys, 2 days Strategy(sometimes 3 days strategy), 2 games conditioning

This is on on going training routine I basically adapted from a number of routines recommended over the net.


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How's your team's teamwork? I reckon that my player with the highest drops by 3~4 if not trained for a week. On match day, it goes back up by 1~2. So I guess yours is dropping continuously.


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I will have a check on that when I am next on

I am not sure on whether team work has an effect or not.


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i have the same problem i play with the original club lineup everything is 99 except speed 97 and tactics 85 :{ anyway to increase tactics???????