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Team Training Point Improvement


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The fact that you get twice as many training points for joining Chelsea as my team is killing me. Anyone know how the training points increase for the team? Or thoughts on how big an impact it will be on you to stick with an average team vs joining one of the top 4.

I started with a tank 88 power/82 body balance and 71 shot acc 50s everything else :) So I need to work on my game.


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If u want ur player to level up as quickly as possible , then its really important to join a bigger club as soon as you can.
When u play at ur first club u get around 8 training points but u would get 19 if u move to AC Milan so its a huge difference. Amount of training points always change from time to time but i dont know why. I do know that even if u win a cup with a smaller team it wont affect training points by much.


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Hah, yeah but how do you get your team to make good transfers during the BAL :)

You don't, since you don't control the team. You are just a player, not the boss.

However, by doing well domestically and internationally, you'll help increase the team rank of your team, which will undoubtedly make your team more attractive.