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The Computer cheats- official


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He probably couldn't do anything about because he sucks, like you.

I would have torn that shit up, because I'm the fucking greatest.


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I once had this weird match where I just wasn't allowed to score or something. It was a champions league group stage match against CSKA Moskou, and after a few minutes they got a free kick. Honda schoot it straight in my goal. It looked really weird and impossible.
After that I had many chances and almost all of them, (like 8 in a row!) ended up on the post. Even one on an open goal where I was like 2 meters away..
Around the 80th minute Honda scored again with an impossible free kick. I signed Honda after that. :)

Weird things happen.


Okay, let me clarify my position.

I am aware of the phenomenon that Ali and others speak of, it's called Rubber Banding and if video games didn't use it, they'd be shit. I just take exception with terms like 'scripting' and 'cheating' because they make you sound like a mong.

Yes, it's annoying when you're on the wrong end of it, but that's life. Things don't always go your way. When you fail, stop bitching, man up and try harder the next time.

P.S. Ali is a big northern nancy boy

The reason we (some) call it "cheating" or "Scripting" in PES is because it's generally out of control. The game difficulties are poorly balanced to start with, where "Regular" is completely useless, and anything easier than that must be aimed at toddlers.

So if we look at the breaking point, Regular who rarely take advantage of this dynamic balancing, and Professional that is generally challenging but casual until the balancing takes completely over and in my opinion ruins the game. Any difficulty above Professional is basically so full of this balancing that there are nothing left of the match AI from the previous difficulties at all.

You can also "discover" how the game itself has several match engines, because if you use a tweaked AI exe file from yair, jenkey or nesa, this will be completely overwritten at a magical moment in BAL once your player reach 75 overall rating.

I'm not really whining about difficulty, because I always manage to win my fair share but for me this dynamic difficulty makes the game stressful, unpleasing and simply not funny more times than it actually works. I rarely play games for the "challenge" anymore, I play for enjoyment and there aren't any difficulty in this game that makes the game either too stupid or too annoying.

The player AI level without this dynamic AI enhancement at either of the three difficulties above Regular would most likely suit me perfectly, so all I want is the option to turn off this ridiculous feature until it's (in my opinion) balanced properly.

Why does it bother me?
- When John Terry outruns Aaron Lennon on loose ball on a consistent basis, because it's stupid.
- When Messi keeps missing the goal completely from six meters, because it's stupid.
- When Giovinco beats Kaboul in the air on a corner , because it's stupid and would never happen unless Kaboul was on his knees, and just barely then.

Let me just for the record add that I don't like FIFA's version of dynamic game balance either.


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I agree scripting was a major issue in pes 2012, and the reason for me stopping playing it only after a couple of months.

i noticed quite a few scripted goals in the pes 2013 demo as well, but in the full game it's not that big a problem in my opinion. I don't know what difficulty or team you play with, but i play as FC Copenhagen on superstar and i haven't signed any top players yet and i only lost a couple of matches in div 2. Now i'm struggling in div 1 but i managed to draw againts bayern munich schalke etc.

The scripting is indeed toned down compared to the demo and is totally incomparable to the scripting in pes 2012. It's definetely a step in the right direction