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The Freekicks Suck


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where are you finding this information? the book that comes with it has none of this inside of it.


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x and down on the analog=very weak shot/17-20 metres
down on the anolog=weak shot/17-22 metres
x on its own=sloping shot/23-26 metres
standard shot=Standard/23-28 metres
Triangle=straight shot/26-30 metres
up on the analog=strong shot/26-30 metres
triangle and up on the analog=very strong shot/28-35 metres
down and triangle=special shot 1/23-28 metres
up and pass button=special shot 2/only on 28 metres


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oh right nice, for the last one does it mean that it only works on 28m or its only reccommended at 28meteres?


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only reccommended u can use all the combinations on all parts of the field but the reccommended range and buttons is where itl work best ive scored some amazing goals thanks to this info . . .

Tallulah Belle

Wicky Wicky Yoyo Bangbang
Read the book, it will tell you how to take free kicks. Then, pick a random player and edit their stats to 99 for everything to make them super awesome. After that, practice free kicks with the awesome player to make them easy. If you score 3 in a row, move on to someone who is alright but not brilliant, then eventually given practice, you will become a god like me


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i got 70% of my freekicks goal !! it's so easy !!!

if the freekick was not far , u must hold R2 and down arrow with X

but if it is was far u can hold R2 and up arrow with traiangle !!


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i score everytime using O, just line up the ball to the corner of the goal and press O till the powerbar hits halfway. dont use analog.


You clearly need to practice. You can't expect it to fly in every time you shoot. It makes it all the more sweeter when you do manage to score though.