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The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.


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Nearly finished with my 7th season as an AMF, learned SMF and SS as well. Overall is 86 from 67 initially. Here's a copy of my club history:

Team - Apps (G, A) - Avg Rating; Club Cups

Roda JC - 35 (30, 16) - 7.0; Eredivisie
G. de Bordeaux - 49 (36, 23) - 6.6; CL, Ligue 1
G. de Bordeaux - 55 (55, 18) - 6.9; French Cup, CL, Supercup, Ligue 1
G. de Bordeaux - 53 (39, 19) - 6.8; CL, Supercup, Ligue 1
G. de Bordeaux - 48 (47, 20) - 6.8; CL, French Cup, Supercup, Club Int. Cup, Ligue 1
G. de Bordeaux - 54 (58, 14) - 7.0; CL, Supercup, Club Int. Cup, Ligue 1
G. de Bordeaux - 56 (67, 18) - 7.1; CL, French Cup, Supercup, Club Int. Cup, Ligue 1

As you can see I'm quite the phenom :). My 1st season I played almost half at 'Regular' difficulty before bumping it up to 'Professional'. I went up to 'Top Player' after the end of my 3rd season, hence the dropoff in stats until I boosted my overall and got used to the pace and intensity of 'Top Player'.

Notable individual titles include World footballer of the year x3, UEFA Footballer of the year x2, and UEFA best midfielder x5.

Internationally, I got called up to the US Team in my first season and led them to International Cup champions in 2012-2013. Ever since then my participation has dropped off since the US team is god awful and unless I basically win the game single-handedly we get smoked. The final straw was in my most recent season when we got demolished 6-1 by Germany and I decided the frustration wasn't worth it. It's also been a lot harder to carry the US team on my back since the manager started playing me as a SMF instead of a SS and I'm forced to track back a lot farther defensively. It doesn't help that despite me personally elevating the US to 3rd ranked in the world, after 7 seasons they still don't trust me enough to respond to my :square: and often ignore my pass requests to take a dumb shot themselves.

For the upcoming season I'm leaning towards transferring, most likely to AC Milan who's been trying to lure me away for the past 2 years. The drastic shift in goal:assist ratio is mainly due to me getting tired of my teammates only netting maybe 20% of the chances I create for them, and a fierce Ligue 1 golden boot rivalry with D. Milito who kills it every year for LOSC Lille.

When I tire of this BAL, my next creation will probably be a faster AMF from Ireland. The US team is just utterly hopeless.

Now Konami just needs to fix the obvious AI cheating that causes your team to play down to inferior teams and play like god against the best of them. I shouldn't eliminate Chelsea 7-1 aggregate then lose 2-0 to AS St Ettiene who's best player is a 73 overall. It's nonsense.


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Just started my 3rd season. I began my career at Almeria - 19 apps first season, 2 goals...pretty poor i know. 2nd season 32 apps 7 goals.

I was the highest 'manager' rated SS on the team at 19 and was really starting to play well, and i scored the goal on the last day that put secured Europa league status.
I was waiting for an offer from Almeria during the negotiation period...but apparently i was 'surplus to requirements' - gutted as i really wanted to stay.

Ended up signing for Ado Den Haag on a 1 year contract - the only team offering me a contract with a Europa league spot and luckily an 87% starting place.

Three games in and i'm looking ahead to the jan transfer window...hopefully this will change over the season.

Great game though!


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Signed for Milan, played first match after entering the play on 60 minutes, then was subbed off at 85 minutes because I was taken down in penalty area (Pirlo scored the penalty and we won 0-1).

2010-2012 Sporting de Gijon 46 (32)
2012-2013 Newcastle United 0 (0)
2013-2014 Atletico Madrid 39 (28)
2014-2016 Tottenham Hotspur 45 (25)
2016- Milan 1 (0)

Career total: 131 (85)


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2nd time signed for AS Roma after International Cup (World Cup?), England Team, which awarded me with the Best Tournament Player, Top Scorer and Top Leader of Assist (All the tournament award). Annual Salary about US$20 million. Already in Barcelona, Grindon Bourdeaux, and Netherland Club (I forget).

Try to be signed by England Team, but no one approaching. Already chose desired club MU, North London, Tottenham Hotspur, but only scout watching but no further action. Does any one know how can to be signed easily? Should I change my agent to the highest fee/salary? I already change to Agent with higher salary than the default.



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It won't come immediately. I think that all brilliant performances you've shown before putting a club in MDC worth nothing.


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BAL - Real Life Player

as anyone tried being a real life player on bal?
im curious to try it with someone like gary hooper at celtic or someone young like
any suggestions?

Im doing become a legend with Ronaldo. I want to get the achievement for playing for 10 clubs in 6 countries and was a little worried that whoever I picked that was half decent would have their stats drop by the time I achieved this. The way around this I decided was to edit Ronaldo in the Edit mode of the game. I have changed his age to 18 and increased his overall stats :) cheating a bit i know but it means i can now play with him for quite a few seasons with out him getting old and rubbish.


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Just started me new Bal. I am a CF with 80 overall because im an "All Rounder" with 6 shooting 6 Dribbling and 2 power.

I have signed for Sunderland in The Barcleys Premier League and have a friendly against Fenerbahce wish me luck!


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@Paul: Good Luck!

I've played BAL for one season now. IT's been GREAT. Started off as a playmaker, or whatever you call the passing person. I'm an AMF and learning SS. My short&long passing stats are all in the 90s because I spent all my points on that. However, I'm still 68 OA. I secured a starting place early on in Almeria, in La Liga. My through passes are really becoming great and I can also score. We ended the season winning the Spanish Cup (Had to face both Real and Barca) and 5th, which meant a place in the Playoff round of the Champions League.


Best matches: Winning 3-1 vs Real Madrid @ Bernabu, winning 2-1 on aggregate vs Real Madrid in the Spanish Cup, Winning 2-0 vs Barca in the Spanish Cup final, Winning 2-1 vs Brazil (I'm USA)

Worst matches: Allowing Real to come back after we had 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 at home, allowing Barca to come back after we lead 1-0 to a tie.

Unforgettables (Bad): Coming in from bench and scoring a beautiful diving header against Real at home only to know I was offside, Getting a red card against Brazil in an International match, getting a red card in the above game against Real Madrid, Missing an empty goal in the final match so we came in 5th (1 more and we would beat Sevilla on goal difference)

Unforgettables (Good): Scoring my first goal of the season as a bench against Real Madrid (same match as the one which I was offside and was redded), Scoring a goal against Brazil from about 30 yards, which turned out to be the winning goal (though I received a red card later in that game), Double assist against Barca in the Spanish Cup, Scoring hat-trick against N. Korea in International match (final score was 8-1).

Stats: OA 69, two cards (Classic no. 10, 1-touch pass). Ended season with 7 goals (4th in my team), 9 assists (only 1 behind C. Ronaldo, who had the most :mad:), Team of the Season in La Liga. 3 Yellows and 2 Reds (Most in my team). 40 Appearances (2nd most, would have been most if not for the two reds), and 6.4 Average score (most in team)

It's quite strange how things can turn out to be in BAL. For example, I (playing as USA), was against none other but England. And guess who was the GK? Green. I had a huge feeling of déjâ vu (think the accents are right) when the match began. We started off nicely, with an early shot. Then I got a 51-yard FK. I took a shot at maximum power and it HIT THE CROSSBAR. So close! (keeping in mind that my FK accuracy is in the 70s) Then Defoe scored and we were all upset for a while. However, I managed to give a through pass to Aztore, who put it in. Then I had this idea of shooting from 35 yards off. It had a nice low trajectory, but wasn't very powerful. However, Green reached for it and.... FUMBLED IT! It went in, and we won 2-1

Now I have a problem. A couple of clubs are bound to send offers my way. I don't know whether I should stay at Almeria, where I played in EVERY league game except for five (first match, twice suspended, two weeks injured) and where I'm working REALLY well with all the players, or to go to another club, for the honor and fun (not to mention the salary). Well, where should I go?


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I signed for Almeria for my first club as it said i would have 63% match oppurtunities howver i just played the reserve matches so i got peed off and a year later, i had a contract with feyenoord. i won mvp and went to A.S. Roma howver i am mostly on the bench so it was the wrong decision


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Edit: @ Arsenal it depends sometimes staying with a worse team is good for training and sometimes its not good. Also u can change your teams rank significantly. On my other BAL i signed with mrabspor who was rank 150 and at the end of the year we were rank 16.

Hey guys! I just restarted my BAL career and im playing for R.C. Deportivo La Coruna. This is my first team and heres some of my stats.

Matches Played - 15
Goals - 15
Assists - 1
Offense - 87
Top Speed - 81
Acceleration - 76
Dribble Speed - 82
Shot Acc. - 88
Shot Power - 79
Shot Technique - 88

My responsiveness is really low how do i get that up? Also is stamina that important or should i not care about it that much? Its at 64 right now. Thx!!


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stamina in BAL don't really matter - if you play poor or don't make an impact you get subbed off no matter what your stamina is. However if you play good, you won't get subbed of even if you have 40 stamina. However, stamina still plays an important part in gameplay, as time goes on, you start to play crapper as you are tired so there are pros and cons


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Update: Hey just finished my 1st season with R.C. Deportivo La Coruna. It was an awesome season and im gonna sign for them again for 1.1million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

Age: 18
Matches Played: 46
Total Goals: 53
Total Hat Tricks: 13
Total Assists: 13
Internationals: 3
Offense: 88
Overall: 78
Top Speed: 81
Acceleration: 76
Dribble Speed: 83
Passing: Nothing under 60
Shot Accuracy: 90
Shot Power: 81
Shot Technique: 90
Free Kick Accuracy: 77
Position: CF
Cards: Chasing Back, One-On-One Finish, Speed Merchant
Average Rating: 7.3
Spanish League Player Of The Season
Spanish League Team Of The Season
Spanish League Top Scorer
Spanish League Assist Leader
Spanish League Man Of The Match - 18 times
Spanish Cup Most Valuable Player
Spanish Cup Team Of The Season
Spanish Cup Top Scorer
Spanish Cup Man Of The Match - 6 times
Spanish League Winner
Spanish Cup Winner


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you can't even see the responsiveness about players - none of them ever make quick reactions and that is why pes 2011 failed and is gonna be 100% responsive in pes 2012(well that's what they say)
So no, stamina and responsiveness don't really matter in pes.
Also it responsiveness won't affect you overall rating but stamina affects nearly every positions rating

Safiq Rahim

New Member
Was Fun I started as a CF and the finisher mould.
I got 72 overall so i went to the middlebrook club,we won the english cup and english league and i got mvp top scorer and best eleven awards.1 year later i got a contract from tottenham hotspurs I accepted it my annual salary was 900k Euro which was good enough.
I hired a new agent after that 5 years of the contract i got offers from many club that are famous on football.
There was my favourite team so I chose it the team was Barcelona when my age was 35 i retired football on my favourite team Barcelona.

EDIT: Going to make a new one with a better career :D


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My first BAL was a bit of a muck-around as I didn't really know what I was doing. Now I know better, I am going to start a new one as either a CF or possibly a SB(left back), but it will probably be a CF. I aim to sign for the Premier League club that accepts me, and eventually get signed for Liverpool FC (I will instantly reject offers from any other clubs, unless maybe AC Milan or Barcelona offer me a contract) and hope to break my way into the England set-up.


Started my BAL as a CF, picked the all round attribute and came out with a 65 OVR starting point, not too bad, set most my focus points to shooting and speed/stamina and then accepted a 2 year contract off West Ham United. I currently wear the no.24 shirt (may request to wear the no.9 shirt if I become a 1st team regular). Played in the 1st 2 training games scoring a hattrick in both, however it was not enough to get me in the XI for the first two premier league games but I have a chance coming up in a training game against AS Roma. Fingers crossed I get some game time in the Premier League soon, otherwise I may well end up going out on loan in the January Transfer Market.


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Played my first Premier League game, it was a 5-0 win over Fulham, I netted 4 times in the win and was named man of the match :) not a bad debut :D