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The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.


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i have a question about the transfer windows, do you get a longer contract lenght in july then in the january window, cuz ive never manged a longer then 1yr contract in the january window. anyone gotten a longer then than?


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i have a question about the transfer windows, do you get a longer contract lenght in july then in the january window, cuz ive never manged a longer then 1yr contract in the january window. anyone gotten a longer then than?

I signed for one of my clubs in January and was given a 2 year deal (it actually ran 2 & 1/2 years).


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Interesting fact, Barcelona doesn't have the highest. AC Milan does, at 19.

Man City (16) beats out both United and Arsenal (both at 14) but has less than Chelsea (17).

Ajax, a notorious talent factory, has 8 -.-

EDIT: It does change and/or is different from save to save. So this isn't fact, it's just what was on MY save at the time of writing.

who is this plaayer?????????


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I finally managed to sign with Arsenal after my third season of my career (first season with Villa). I won the Europa league with Villa thanks to my 2 goals which helped take us into penalties in the final. I'll be playing Europa league football again next season as Arsenal finished 7th but hopefully I can help my new team challenge for trophies right away, especially the Premier League. My 3 year deal with the Gunners will see me earn 100,000 euros a week so that's also exciting, even though it has nothing to do with anything really :)


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Ah so I started today with BAL, as I was quite new to PES 2012 (used to play Pes 08 and Fifa 06), I tried this gamemode.

On Fifa it was quite boring but it's here so... AMAZING! I just noticed you even got qualifications and friendly matches for national teams, a nice detail!

Anyways, I started at the "Normal" gamemode (level 2/4 if I'm correct), and I started with VVV Venlo, a pretty bad Dutch team.

I am a striker and I started with 61 average.

First season done, I achieved:
-Place 8 for clubs
-Lost the final for the Dutch cup
-Still qualified for UEFA Europa Cup, as the cup winner also won the league
-25 matches played
-15 goals scored, best of my team
-Top scorer of the Dutch cup (6 goals)
-6.2 average rating

And against my expections I even was called for duty for the national team (Netherlands) for the last 2 friendly matches. First against Togo, I scored the opening goal of the match we won by 4-1. Then against Uzbekistan, I scored both goals of the 2-0 won match.

After a nice club season I was able to participate in the European Cup, I scored plenty of goals, I became top scorer with 5 goals. All matches went fine, not a single goal against us untill we faced France in the final. I made a dumb move by tackling a player, but I was too late and I got a red card. France scored the 1-0, then my teammate the 1-1 and then in the last minute 2-1 for France...

National team results:
-8 matches
-8 goals
-1 assist
-top scorer of the European Cup (5 goals)
- 6.6 average

Now I try I just started the second season (1 club friendly match, 1 national friendly match, two league matches, Europa Cup match coming up) with a harder level (3/4), it goes much harder now...

In the national match I got a 5.5 rating, and no goal. In the two club matches I was able to score once with a rating of 5,5 and 6,5.

My player's average is now 64. I run slow, lose the ball quickly and my passes are bad, and I suck at defending, but I made some very nice almost-goals with my 80 attack, 90 accuracy at shooting and 80 shot power.

I rejected an offer of FC Groningen (mid-tier Dutch club) because it had the same coaching points and doesn't play in Europe.

But does your stats also increase if you play better?

Oh and mastering myself as a striker is quite hard to me :p
With VVV I barely got good passes, I am either too much removed or I'm stuck between defenders, and at the good moments in which I Can run away from offside with the ball, they don't pass it. With the Dutch team it's much better as they got higher ratings, this season I will stick with VVV because I want to try to get a nice position in the EUFA cup, and impress other clubs and move to a good club next season. I was thinking of AC Milan.


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my first season with Roda JC and i play on pro

ovrl 64-67
i am a LWF but i only played as SS
24 games,4 goals,2 assist,1 red,6.4 rating
was in the best 11

with france
8 games,3 goals,6.6 rating and they play me as cf wich i hate cuz i only have 65 at shooting accuracy but i still manage to score some goals tho

after the euro cup i moved from Roda jc to Heerenveen cuz they play in the euro league, i rejected Sporting becouse i want to have a high chance at playing

the nameless

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image host


Key Stats:

Attack. 71
Dribble Acc. 74
Short Pass Acc. 79
Short Pass Speed. 73
Ball Control. 76
Response. 76
Explosive Power. 79
Dribble Speed. 87
Top Speed. 81
Form. 8


Classic No.10
Step On Skills

OVR. 59

I decided to try again with BAL - ML is pretty much dead to me on this one. I decided to make my Brazillian alter-ego (my name is really Anthony, not nameless :)) because I got bored of the same thing over again - English CF based completely on me. If the image has worked, I don't really wear my hair like that, I just wanted to "Brazillianize" him (my hair is longer and in a pony tail, that is how I usualy make my BAL player. The rest is actually a pretty decent resembalence to me.)

Can anyone tell me how to best utilse the step on skills card? I don't tend to play with skils, just the roulette, elastico and diagnal inside bounce which I have saved on my profile as the default L1 + RS skills.


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Just started as a CM and I'm the #7 for Dutch side Heracles, seem to be getting a reasonable amount of first-team opportunities at the moment, to say my stats aren't great; only a 59 OVR at the moment. Enjoying it, currently my favourite game mode.

My agent's talking to Hertha Berlin too, so might be doing something right lol.

Field Emperor

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Im a new member on these forums, I've been playing PES since the PES6 version.

Just thought I'd share what I got today, since Im starting a new career in BAL mode, and, since these same forums have been helping me for a while, I guess I'll do my own contribution.

Well either ways, my plan was to create the typical number 10, the magician, the emperor of the team, the one who can keep the moral high and play deadly passes.

Now, I opted to go for the AMF position, with the "All-Around" mold I beleive, and I put 5 points onto Resistance (I think, or Stamina?) and one in power.

After a couple of re-rolls it gave me a player with 1-touch play and long range drive.
Speed merchant is always avaiable, but when the time comes to choose, I like to think spm is more over powered than long range lol.

So, in the techinical department, my player is not so good, I will have to work to get a good overall, but both my short passes meters are already in 81 from start. (speed and precision I beleive).

I got an 83 in resistance, 8 form and here's the cracker, 82 in attitude! the 3rd highest in my team already (which i will speak briefly later), so I will hardly be subbed out in the earlier games due to getting tired.

I gone to Bologna FC, in my favorite league <3 and got as an option the "7" and the "11" jerseys, preety good eh?

Also, the team will open me the opportunity to develop the CM and SMF's positions aswell as the training beeing shooting + speed focused,...
just perfect :)

I hope I do good in this mode this time around.


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I'm playing with Froxilias, a dutch right midfielder.
Here some screens:

(sorry for the dutch language)

As you can see my character is based on dribbling. My career went well, untill I tried to break through in Europe. First I tried to leave to Merseyside Blue, But that didn't turn out well. After that I tried Italy, with Fiorentina, Which also failed. So I decided to get back to Groningen, where I've had a great season as you can see.

My interlands are way better, there i'm already a dutch hero. We won last year's international cup because of me. I scored 4 times and gave 3 assists, We won the final against England with 1-0 because of a goal from me.

Right now I will try to play a very good season, and than i'll decide if I will try again to play in Europe. I will stay at least 1 full season with Groningen, maybe I can go to Twente than, or Ajax :) I've just turned 20, so time is not the problem.


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in my second season as a SS. Got signed by Manchester United after being the second leader in goals and 9th in assists.
Won the American Cup the offseason winning best play, top scorer, and assist leader.
Only a 64 overall lol