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The PES 2020 Request Thread


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Hey fellow PES Gamers,

Is there anyone that will be working on an MLS and USL Option File for the upcoming game? If you know anyone please let me know, thank you!!


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French PES OF Sites

Anyone know of any? Specifically looking for a Championnat National (French 3rd Division) Option File or Kit Maker.

Thanks in advance!


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[League] request NIFL Premiership

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone could help?

Just after watching Linfield pull off a great win v Qarabag in the Europa League!

I have wanted to play the NI Premiership in Pes for some time and even began creation of it in PES 2018 but was not able to finish it.

Would anyone take up the offer of creating the Ni Premiership for Pes 2020. Kits, players, names etc

Willing to pay as I understand the time and effort needed.

Send me a message if interested.

Mark :cool:


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In its inaugural season, CPL teams have had solid runs in CONCACAF tournament; just wondering if anyone plans on working on CPL option files?
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PES Buck

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Want to request something related to editing PES 2020? You can post it here, and maybe someone will help fulfill your request! Well, there is no guarantee that anyone will complete your request, but at least it should save you from asking in many threads (which sometimes can probably annoy them). Don't forget to include pictures in your request post to help the editors and maybe increase the chance of getting your request accepted (It makes the request more noticeable, really).


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Custom Kits.

Hi guys, anyone doing requests for custom kits for pes 2020?
I'm after 3 outfield kits and a goalie kit.

Thank you.


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i tried to search for option file PS4 but i couldnt fine
i want all license team on premier league and other European league and correct name
plus all images of the emblem
and installing tutorial
anyone can help

The game supposed to official release but tomorrow 10 Sep 2019,
may be you need to wait for a while for editor working it out.


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Could anyone perhaps upload the home, away and goalkeeper kits for the Hungary, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Republic of Ireland national teams please. I would love to make my own European Qualifiers series and I can only do so if I have their licensed kits.


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Swedish Allsvenskan creation thread

Hey everyone,

Last year we got an option file with the Swedish league Allsvenskan.

I am wondering if anybody is working on this for this years game.

I don't have the time to do it myself.
I would be really happy if someone could make a decent option file for all us swedes who wanna play with our favorite team.

Plz help us out :)


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Help with kit editing

Can anyone help me with creating a kit?

I'm trying to replicate this kit:

Can anyone help with that? I've also noticed that some kit creators render purple, blue on the PS4.

Anyway give me a shout if you can help!


PES Buck

Staff member
Thanks, but that’s not what I was looking for. I just want the default squads, not MyClub legends

You can rename them.

Classic players:

European Classics:
A. Rampf - O. Kahn
W. Huisman - J. Stam
D. Tornatore - F. Cannavaro
M. Page - L. Thuram
S. Giunchi - P. Maldini
G. Foignet - P. Vieira
A. Suele - P. Guardiola
D. Meale - D. Beckham
M. Bittencourt - L. Figo
A. De Mirabeau - Z. Zidane
P. Boer - R. van Nistelrooy
L. Brahe - P. Schmeichel
Q. De Urdaneta - F. Hierro
E. Giroust - M. Desailly
J. Delerue - L. Blanc
M. Aimar - B. Lizarazu
T. Posford - Roy Keane
B. Monroe - P. Scholes
J. Pires - Rui Costa
R. Stupar - Z. Boban
S. De Haan - M. Overmars
U. Monteleone - R. Baggio
L. Gonchar - A. Shevchenko
A. Francic - S. Mihajlovic
A. Lognon - C. Makelele
J. Rontogen - M. Ballack
D. Vitek - P. Nedved
N. Harikmo - J. Litmanen
R. Meijer - D. Bergkamp
B. Harness - M. Owen
D. Livi - F. Inzaghi
H. Bridger - A. Shearer

World Classics:
S. Olive - J. Chilavert
H. Nogueira - Aldair
S. Padial - R. Ayala
B. Serpa - Cafu
I. Da Gama - Roberto Carlos
C. Mendonca - Dunga
A. Pahissa - D. Simeone
G. Lidon - C. Valderrama
D. Teixeira - Romario
J. Hull - G. Batistuta
B. Chaves - Ronaldo
N. Domingues - C. Taffarel
G. Yubero - I. Cordoba
E. Munt - F. Arce
A. Grocyn - C. Babayaro
M. Puerto - F. Redondo
R. Emanuel - J. Okocha
S. Ishida - H. Nakata
F. Teisler - C. Lopez
B. Cunha - Denilson
J. Codina - A. Ortega
V. Rushin - N. Kanu
F. Llado - M. Salas
A. Maura - J. Campos
Uiseok Yeon - H. Myung-Bo
J. Amorrortu - P. Montero
I. Medeiros - Emerson
O. Valcarce - M. Almeyda
G. Conesa - N. Solano
J. Guillaume - P. M'Boma
J. Ballestero - I. Zamorano
I. Cobbe - G. Weah


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We (german patch team) need Kits from the following teams

MSV Duisburg
Eintracht Braunschweig
1. FC Kaiserslautern
FC Magdeburg
SV Waldhof Mannheim

if possible Home, Away, GK and 3rd Kit