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To those of you waiting for the Von Option File 2010...


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I'll be waiting for your OF Muff
Last year i used yours and it was awesome
Hope u get the new one soon....


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request from israel

hi muff,
i've been playing with your option file on pes09 and it was great, so thank you.
but i have got to ask your favor for making maccabi haifa. i am from israel, and until we have team in the champions league, konaki don't put them in the game. it's not enough that we lost all our game? have'nt the jewish people suffer enough?
so please if you can do it, you are gonna make a lot of people (whole country for a metter of fact, but a lame one without even 1 team in the pes) really happy...
thank you anyway, can't wait for the of...


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sorry to hear MuffMan. By far the most complete OF editor, loved the '09 edition...lucky for me i've bought another 2 games which i can complete in the meantime.

won't start playin PES2010 without your OF mate :)


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Me too :(..........

Muff where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu????

Please upload one of your outstanding Option file`s


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Very sad...heard nothing from Mr. Muff till today. Xmas is coming..perhaps we can have your superb OF before new year Mr. Muff?

Julio Geordio

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Hope you get your ps3 sorted soon mate. Can't wait for your option file. Any ideas when you hope to be back up and running?


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...I figured I'd post this here since it'd be easier than going through all the PM's I get asking about it and replying individually.

I started creating the file as soon as I picked up the game over a week ago and got quite far into it, the club kits, all transfers, some fake player fixes, apps, scans etc etc were all finished. However, on Monday night, my PS3 literally died (whilst editing Evo, suprise suprise) :| It started off as turning itself off after about 10 minutes and leaving me with a flashing red light, now it won't even turn on and I'm left with the orange/yellow light problem and with the machine being 2 years old and the warranty expired, I'm pretty much up s**t creek without a paddle

So yeah, big problem :( I was anxious to get the file out as it had taken longer than I expected with what Konami has missed this year editing wise, doing everything from scratch myself etc and was planning on releasing in about 2 days (which would have been yesterday/today), after correcting most of the fake names and adding some more scans and maybe a few international kits.

So bottom line, as of right now, the file is on hold until I get hold of a new PS3 :-\ This could take anything from to 6-8 weeks, with christmas being round the corner and my current money situation (what I'd give to have uni and a student loan atm like this time last year)

In closing, I'll still be knocking around the forums (here and PESFan) and the file is 100% still coming, it just looks like it's gonna take some time. Thanks for reading.

what is the best option file out there how ?