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Transfer Fees Advice

Steve Justice

Registered User
What would you say should be the rule of thumb with regard to transfer fees? Both buying and selling.

For example, I have a defender I have put up to be transferred, his market value is £125,000. I've had an offer for £202,000, but didn't know if I should accept it or ask for more. So I did a little test. I asked for £1,000,000, saved the game and then proceeded to the following week. Transfer talks broke down. Reloaded ML and this time asked for £800,000, proceeded to the following week. Tansfer talks broke down. Reloaded ML etc etc... done this until I got to £300,000 which they accepted. This got me thinking that the rule of thumb should be about 3 times the market value, but then when you start getting to the millions then the prices would get silly, i.e. if you have a player who's market value is £12,000,000 then you shouldn't be asking for £36,000,000... or should you?

Your thoughts?


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It also depends on whether you have transfer listed a player you are selling. they will offer you a lot less if they know you want to get rid of them. Likewise if you a buying a player that their club has transfer listed - they will expect a lot less for them.

This is why you end up paying huge amounts for the top players. the club wont necessarily want to sell them but may be persuaded by the right price. makes sense really.


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Depends a bit on their age too . If they are young and they have great overall they will cost much more then an older player with the same overall...


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I usually think that market value goes for salary, not the transfer fees. I did a test too and for value asked for and for value when I was hiring players. For the first one I did the same tests the first guy wrote and calculated that you get offered a value that you can rise up to 10% (multiply by 0,1 and sum it to what you get offered) and the negotiations won't get broght down.
As for the value when hiring you can get it down about 19,9%, to be exact lol, sometimes 20% will bring it down.

Of course this is not as scientific and I did the tests for players with like 1/2 remaining years left on the contract, but it was for low prices (few millions or not even), and I'm still testing different situations to figure out the best number, so I will update you on this.