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Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?


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I started a new ML with one of the fake teams (Ganzoraccio). Man, it is hard to manage a team with almost no money.

But now I am half way in the first season and I am doing pretty well. We are on the top of the table. I have not lost a single game yet. Ganzoraccio is organized in a 4-5-1 with a target man (Schwarz or Ribeiro) and a modified "possession" style. Around 70-80% of my goals are from header.
Looking good for first division in the next season.

My squad: Ahmet (GK), El Moubarki (SB), Palmieri (CB), Cotsload (CB), Ruskin (SB), Duffy (CMF), Camacho (CMF), Shimizu (SMF), Xechinto (SMF), Maqualao (AMF) and Schwarz (SS).


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Just started a new ML with Wigan's actual squad on Superstar and I am loving it!

I am currently 4th and played 28 matches so far, and I signed Ilkay Gundogan (Dortmund) and Savic (Man City) on loan and signed G.Xhaka (Borussia Mönchengladbach) for 1m and Lee Chung-Yong (Bolton) for 3m. I am trying to win the league or at least get a CL place and I am 10 points behind the current league leaders Chelsea.

I am trying to buy good young players that are cheap and have a small overall wage. Can anyone recommend any players that I could buy that fall in this category?



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Milan 1st season- Superstar:

3rd place, 6 points behind Inter in 1st and 3 points behind Juventus in 2nd
2-1 up from first leg in CL last 16 vs Chelsea
Into semis of TIM Cup

Top scorers: Ibrahimovic (19), Robinho (17), Pato (14)
Top assisters: Montolivo (9), Robinho, Emanuelson (8)
Top yellow cards: Nocerino (11), Montolivo (7)
Top red cards: Ambrosini (4), Abate (3)

In: K Papadopoulous (£6 million), Ogbonna (£1 million), Lucas Moura (£5 million), Oscar (£1.1 million), Ganso (£8 million), Muniain (£11 million), Krul (£6 million, joins in summer), Lovren (£6 million, joins in summer)

Out: Mesbah (£5 million to Bordeaux), Bonera (£5 million to Spartak) Thiago Silva (£62 million to Man City), Ibrahimovic (free to Man Utd after rejecting contract- I transfer listed him, leaves in summer)



De Sciglio
Bakaye Traore
El Sharawaay


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First of all, sorry for the crappy english.
I started with fc Twente. I'm halfway the second season now, in de first season I ended up first in the eredivisie. In the dutch cup I lost the first match (it was a big failure lol, terrible match). I didn't play champions league or uefa league, cuz twente doesn't do that in the first season.

Right now i'm through the group stages of the champions league, and i'm still in the cup, and i'm second in the eredivisie together with Heerenveen (37 points) behind PSV (40 points).

Here is my team:

Giroud (85) - I know he is way better dan de jong, but I like de jong's style of play, he just scores so much in my style of play.
Shimizu (87) - I already have Santi Cazorla on that position :)
Overtoom (76) - I'm training him.
Douglas (77) - Since I bought Rane he fell out.
Chanturia (79) - I'm also training him.
Some other weak but young players to make money :)


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First of all:
I installed the PES Patch from (With German Bundesliga..)

So i started my first ML Season with Wolfsburg from Germany.
I did not receive any money in my home stadium. Is that normal?
I bought some players in the beginning and was at 2.6 million €
After 3-4 months i was still at 2.6 million..

Than i started a new ML with Everton and now i am getting about 1.3 million for every game in my stadium..
Whats the problem here with Wolfsburg? :/
Wanted to play the German bundesliga with one "mid range" Team.



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Hello all I browsed these forums for quite a while, anyway two days I made a Chelsea ML. I put Hazard on my team before hand, and put Drogba, Kalou and Bosingwa in the free agents. First I Signed Zarate from inter which Sucked all my Money but my Salary and £17 Million. I've played 12 Games all on Professional and won them all!
My Highlight so far was either beating Malaga 5-2 in the CL or Beating Liverpool 3-0 at Stamford Bridge With Torres grabbing two. Also i signed neymar in October and he'll be coming in January my squad as well as an update will be uploaded when i get to January. Thanks for reading


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In my master league I added hundreds of South American players (by putting them on the national team and cloning them as 'created players').

I'm Atletico Madrid in the first season and I have to say I think I have one of the coolest master league teams ever. For whatever reason Konami gives old players really high ratings (for example, Riquelme and Veron are both like 89). So with that in mind I bought some of the best midfielders of all time, who are still good. Here's my lineup:

Falcao (CF) Diego (SS)
Riquelme (AMF)
Guti Deco (both CMF's)
Veron (DMF)
Filipe Dominguez Perea Juanfran

And Juan Valeron is on the bench. I felt guilty about being Atletico and buying Guti, but Mourinho was a jerk and an idiot for kicking him out and I'm sure in real life he'd love to be back in Madrid.

I also bought Julian Velazquez, a very good young defender from Independiente who in real life just got bought by a Serie A team (forgot which). Also signed Daniel Montenegro, a CAM/forward who plays for Club America but used to play for Independiente, and along with Riquelme was the last true #10 in Argentina.

The team is maybe the funnest team I've ever played with. My midfield is so talented that I never have less than 60% possession in a game. And each one of them is an all-time great (well maybe Deco not so much). Other than the first set of Galacticos and the current Barcelona team, I can't think of any team in history with a midfield that skilled technically. I signed all of them to one year contracts because they won't be as good the next season and it won't be the same. But I've saved the team data and will always play with this team. And this will be the last PES with all of those players in the game, and the ones that appear in PES 2013 will certainly have much lower ratings.


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Cheers Mate my *bleeping* PS3 Corrupted *Starts Pulling Hair Out* Gotta Install all the kits again. No point making the championship players jus wait for 2013 :(


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Think I may have lost my ML file as Liverpool :( With it being so close to PES13 I don't know whether to start another one....