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[WE10] Fernando's WE10 English Patch v5 (1/jul/06)


norty - looks like a problem with your drive. Try burning a normal data dvd and see what happens.

karandinho - this is just a translation patch. Look at the other threads for bigger patches containing more stuff. Read the patching guide, it is very simple to follow. And you must buy the game if you want to patch it.


Registered User
so cau u upload it plz......with all the latest stuff..............i got winning eleven 6,7,8,9 but 10 is the only 1 i haven'y play so for this 1 i can't order it cause is in japan and i am not sure if i am going to do the patching stuff can u upload it for me plz ...................thnks


Registered User
hmm, don't seem to be able to get the disc to work. just goes to blank screen and stays there. any idea why? i have made 10+ coasters trying to get the english patch to work.


Registered User
I haven't had any problems with it.

Did you by any chance, use the normal version or the km version?


New Member
Could you re-upload it?

Hi all,

I am late and can't download this patch, all links have broken. :crymore:

Could anyone can upload it, I appreciate your help.

Thank so much!