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[WE10] PS2 Fernando's English Translation Patch V0 [22/Apr/06]

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fernando said:
Fernando's WE10 English Patch v0 (22/APR/06) ONLY FOR DVD

This is just a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally preliminary thing
take it or leave it. There's enough to play with this.

Apply the ppf to an clean japanese image (4.442.357.760)

Thats all until i got more time for a proper release
There is lot of work to do. Be patient.

First off, thanks to my GF for the extremely big patience tonight.
Jay for the club names and junka, you know why!

Thank you guys for the support,



New link provided by Junka

fo the sake of % . must be like 70 ... or something

Im off to sleep


To find out how to patch your game, check out this thread:

Remember not to discuss warez unless you wish to be banned. I do not have the game yet and I'm just sharing the info for patches and option files etc for when the game is released.


The Boss
I was going to wait until I got notice from Play-Asia they had begun shipping before we allowed the posting of WE10 files... but ah what the hell :)

P.S. Play-Asia will be shipping pre-orders this afternoon.


a120d said:
Hey fernando just realese V.1...
A normal person would just have posted the details here. Guess you're not normal then. Looks like I have to do everything around here. But I don't understand the point of your post. Who does it help? How difficult is it to just quote the info for the new patch?

Thread closed.
Get the new updated patch from here:
Not open for further replies.