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[WE8LE] Reefur We8le Patch 0.9 Dvd/cd


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I can't download the patch off the ftp server as it downloading at like 1kb/s and nobody is seeding the torrent so that's fubared. Any ideas how to get the patch any other ways?


aka Uchiha Itachi
yeah, i know, its a bummer. he hasn't been around lately either on other forum boards. i'll try to ask him if he is online.


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This patch look amazing Thanks.

Was wondering is this patch been hosted on any fast servers anywhere ive got the torrent on my queue at the moment but only getting about 25kb/s

Its ok if its not just ive got a 3mb line and was looking to get it asap

Thanks Again



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K thats cool if theres not many ppl hosting it thats fine, was just checking in case I was missing something.

Happy to wait for this it looks amazing

Thanks for the info



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Is there an option file that needs to be used with this patch or do you just have to delete your old one before your start?

If theres an option file where can I find it or is it included in the download?




Yes the option file is included with this patch.

reefur has released a new patch which is better - go here to see the details.

People should use the new one rather than this one.


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Hello, I know this old post, but I'm still fan of reefur patch, and I noticed that they managed to unlock the Team Edit button in the master league at any time of the season, I've searched all the net looking for how can this be done to the We8 pc, I'm sure it has something to do with the hex editing, I beg for anyone who can guide me or indicate me what code to edit, I've used cheat engine and I came to the conclusion that the team edit button has a id of 165, but I can't find the way to edit this on the executable of the we8. For months I've looking for this and this the only patch that unlocked this. I wish someone can help me. Thanks.


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Hi guys...

I hope you can help me. I actually searched for this mod everywhere but I failed to get it. Please someone tell me where to download it? It´s my favorite football game :(

Thx a lot