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[WE8LE] Team Reefur and Maximo Patch 2005-2006 Update


aka Uchiha Itachi
MaxiMo said:
Team Reefur Patch 2005-2006 Update WE8LE(update to my 0.9 patch)
by maximo and reefur

directions=apply ppf over clean iso

changes from 0.9:
new kits+numbers many as i could possibly find
many exclusive ones as well...kel+kraps+daikirai+bule+yogui kits used wherever possible.....filled in with many from negromata,psycho,jj,biker jim and anyone else i forgot im sorry...

bugs from 0.9 fixed ie. flags..ref kits etc....

new database for 2005-2006..the new season is here!
database built from groundup...only partially done but im preparing it for we9 as we tools for we9 are already in the works just some positions/appearances will have to be adjusted....for we9 importing...
you will find this database is pretty up to date....with all promoted teams added....with care for appearances...true stats...left/right foot well as more champions league teams..
england:wigan/west ham/sund
francee mans/nancy/troyes
championsleague:fenerbache,maccabi tel aviv,rosenborg bk,cska moskva,shaktar donetsk
s.america:sao paulo(copa libertadores champs)
asia:suwon samsung bluewings(korea champs)

summer transfers up to davids--->prem
with over 1500 players created for transfers as well as missing players for promoted/extra teams..

call names assigned to as many created players as possible...last bunch of teams i didnt have time but then konami didnt assign callnames to most fringe teams anyhow...damb you konami!....ill rls a update with more done in this area..

most konami errors such as nationality...wrong name..duplicates...positions..foot errors..height...wrong ethnicity etc fixed..(work in progress but youll find its almost there..just some more i gotta do still)

many appearances..fixed....and some underrated/overrated players fixed(work in progress)....we only did ones a bunch of editors agreed on...since i dont force my opinion on you on all players...but i definitely dont believe in konami stats like a idiot tries to say all the time to play down my patch..and insult me.....but then most of us know whats really going on download dkz or pes optionfile edit to edit anything you dont like....have fun...

many player values fixed(50% done)
good examples...obviously hidetoshi nakata and park ji sung and others get paid alot more than the 200 wen price put on to buy them that cheap is will notice they are all more expensive now...thats a example of a big one..but some smaller ones done too...

c.ronaldo does flip flap(odd number of requests)

formations/captains/kickers/attack patterns etc...
all adjusted...some wont be real since the season hasnt begun yet so we wont know some.....but i guestimated best i could in those cases...or used pre-season lineups....

national teams updated(work in progress)
good example...russia..i updated as many as i could....figo-->return
solano--->retired etc....missing players created...but alot left to do..
"A" lineups were used..not confederations cup if you want cicinho on brazil call him up from sao paulo.......

new faces by reefur/mattster/cigman/others inserted and assigned!..
although mattster was generous enough to let me use his faces....i used some of my incomplete betas as well....since i had no time to finish any of them really.....but since you requested them theyre here...but ill be releasing them in final state soon...sorry if all im working on isnt just not done with most of them yet.....some i will likely redo as well....but good examples of my final faces are ali daei/becks/karimi and some others...*note* i put in a beta of yakubu face but forgot to assign it to him..if you like assign it via in game editor.

boots assigned to most superstar the end i cant have all boots used on earth ina pack..and many of you use your own i didnt go overboard here.....ill post pics of the boots shortly...
thanks to pk9

correct stadiums assigned to each team with locked/hidden stadium to smaller teams...REALLY small teams...with many new stadiums...

freddy adu and others released to free agent they can be signed at proper age and stats...

and tons of other features....but since its a work in progress i wont go over it all now.just look yourself...

new graphics:
stadiums by wendetta/iceman/ghostface/reefur/ and many others...
i was making all new stadiums but since i couldnt finish them..and iceman and others did such a good job..i used a mix of their stadiums and textures...thanks to all the authors..

new phillips stadion..alvalade...bay arena....bernabeu etc over japanese stadiums.....

faces:mattster/reefur/cigman/and others
thanks to all involved especially mattster...

some new backgrounds..logos..but not much as this is just a update til we9 or pes5 is out....

new supporters banners for all teams and national(asia too)
99% maximo 1% others....maximo the king!

new flags for promoted teams...

alternate kits for some asian iran red away by bule
and korea alternate home by kel(worn in recent youth world championship)

dumb konami hair like monkey astronaut etc replaced with special hair

real gk gloves assigned where possible..much like boots i didnt do all but youll see i did alot.....(thanks to kel's cave )

new balls: umbro x digital/confed pelias/f50 adidas/blue finale/blue-white roteiro/2005-2006 prem aerow and more..

new chants patch by maximo!
all new chants patch from the ground up!(READ THE README FILE FOR IT IN PATCH PLEASE)
a great work!..he worked very hard on this for our community...and our team....please give him credit if u use any of them.....

new chants AUTHENTIC (no FAKE or FIFA) for juve (Drughi and Nucleo REAL chants), milan (Fossa dei Leoni REAL chants), roma (Fedayn REAL Chants), lazio (Irriducibili REAL chants), inter (Boys San REAL chants), real madrid (Ultras Sur real chants), Barcellona (Boixos Nois real chants), generic for alla championship (all REAL chants for ALL championship) ..etc.....check it out!....

all chants are in stereo mode, with many audio tracks and effects mixed by Maximo. The chants are "Lamer-Proof", they are mixed and originals, so if someone use them without permission it's very easy to recognize them.

we decided to save our iran/china/saudi chants for our we9 patch...but i gave you 2 saudi chants as a preview......we have a full set from recent world cup qualifiers we are trying to perfect....give us time...thanks
(i planned on a english/german/france chants patch but i had no time to finish it...ill rls it later for this patch and we9)

few songs replaced...

intro is same as last 0.9 patch....the "champions league 2004-2005 final intro" will make its debut in our we9 patch....for now enjoy the classic one

call names correct for club teams(kabira only)
didnt have time to insert the ones maximo made for new teams..but ill make a add onpatch for them later...but isnt a huge deal...better than all being wrong

sky sports pop up...and adboards by bombillero and frenkie and reefur

champions league cups by wepassion (great work my friends the best spanish patch!)

plus many many other features....funniest thing is this is not a 1.0 patch...its a update to 0.9 since we8le had little time for me to work on it the way i wanted......but i slapped it together so you could play while u wait for we9 and pes5.....and to have a base to start editing for them as well....enjoy!...

extra extra special thanks go to....
MAXIMO my only real help in this project...
kel and kraps and daikirai for those sickeningly beautiful kits..
wendetta for serie reference...welab for serie b refernce..fch for german reference....
iceman/ghostface for the great the end you saved me since i never finished mine..thanks.....
mattster....same reason as above....almost none of my faces were done....but together with matts we were able to give u a good collection.... thanks mattster! look forward to replacing every face with you for we9...
pegasus and actaruss for the best help and tools...
pk9 for bothering me about boots..i agree with ya
yogui for french help

and to all the fake beta testers...fake help..especially from germany(you know who you are..shame on you...ill spare you the shame of saying your name or posting logs of our convo's since youve done more good than bad......the shame should be enough for you....but then next time ya want to rip me or anyone else off.....try not to underestimate your opponent..assuming youre smarter than who youre playing games against just slaps you back in the face..much liek it did you.....did you really think id just hand it all over? lmao....good lesson learned...but inthe end you hurt the community more than me....thanks alot pal

you guys feel free to use whatever content is in this patch......just make sure to credit my team or the individual who made it.....lets stop this trend of ripping off or editing others work and calling it YOURS....i know some of you are quite proud of editing others work,,but its not credit them please.....or soon we'll all go private....who wants that?
best example is ive seen 4 patches based on mine..with no credit given to me....funniest one is the one where they said "soon everyone will copy us"
then they show a pic of my menu in their patch LOL gee i wonder who's patch it was based on....a simple thank you?....geez... :p
feel free to use the database beta as well...just give credit to me even if you just edit over them..i did save SOME work for you right?...

anyhow im sorry i couldnt release the patch the way i the time i wanted...but remember im human...and im not paid to do the death jokes...racist remarks...are not needed...since when can you demand a free product? i paid 500$ and had my webserver crash thanks to all the nonsense the past its cost me finacially as well....please behave people....its just a patch :p and not even a great one in my opinion yet....a work in progress

anyhow i have begun my work for we9....i wont try to be the first patch..or 2nd patch.....but rather ill wait and do it the right dont bother me about dates..its out when its out...and itll be sure people will make other patches in the mean time..

Team Reefur WE9 Patch "Total Evolution" coming soon....

i couldnt weed out all bugs since i had no time..but report any to [email protected] and ill fix it...

1.2d kits not updated yet(no time)
2.DO NOT go past the last page of free agents in player edit mode(page 7 or ...i used 2 different tools to make database so there is a conflict somewhere...but nothing huge as every player is accessible and able to be edited....just the ps2 thinks i have more free agents than i do for some reason...since i overhauled database....ill fix it in a day or two but its nothing big since it doesnt stop you from doing anything....just dont go onto those pages..or itll freeze....just go into player edit...and go right..until last set of free agents,,,and dont go farther..nothing there anyways..once again a time issue...figured youd rather start now and have fun

enjoy everyone...


2 in 1 editable

editable 2

Thanks team reefur. :cool: WE owe you one for this.

Currently, the only way to download is via bittorrent. I'll update if the individual rars are up. :D

reefur said:

Alternate mirror thanks to ashmufc:

Torrent link is attached below.


I wish I knew someone who would make a copy of the patched game for me so I could buy it off them as I dont have a DVD Burner and I also dont have the slightest clue about patching...


aka Uchiha Itachi
I'm currently 31.8% finished. I'm downloading @ 20-30kb/s and uploading @ 50-70kb/s. So far my ratio is 1.5:1. I'll seed until WE9, unless requested.

Thank you reefur and the boys.


good product Reefur team, props to you.... One thing though, this patch seems to have the istanbul theme still.... would of been nice to have something new... no complaints, just a suggestion.


Registered User
Really great patch, i'm seeding till around 5 gbs, so thats about 5 days. Have fun with this guys, really, its an excellent excellent patch. Best yet.


Registered User
We8le Update

Gun_Runner said:
I wish I knew someone who would make a copy of the patched game for me so I could buy it off them as I dont have a DVD Burner and I also dont have the slightest clue about patching...

I'll do you one. please contact me and we can discuss it


Registered User
this patch looks the beez kneez! is it a dkz studio application or a ppf file? tried to patch WE8LE with the history of the world cup patch but i ended up with 4 coasters! Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Can anyone help with the History of the World Cup Patch?


The Spikiest maracca
Yeah i only just patched reefurs other patch *rolls eyes* never mind ill just have to use up another disc. It does look amazing though. Are the stats in the patch or are do we need to download an option file?


The Spikiest maracca
:O I just read som more of the first post about the reefur patch, how did he get C.Ronaldo to do the flip flap?! Surely he would of needed to change the gameplay format??I am very curious now, can someone tell me if anyone knows.

P.S Sorry for the double post but for some reason i cant edit my other post :S


Registered User
can sum1 give me alink to a site on how to patch pes4 for ps2 so i can try this patch. i've already tried the guide on this site but it didnt work on my ps2 or can sum1 just tell me exactly wat to do with this patch plz or can sum1 do the patching 4 me and make a torrent of the iso so i can download plz.
thanx in advance.


kaka15 said:
can sum1 give me alink to a site on how to patch pes4 for ps2 so i can try this patch. i've already tried the guide on this site but it didnt work on my ps2 or can sum1 just tell me exactly wat to do with this patch plz or can sum1 do the patching 4 me and make a torrent of the iso so i can download plz.
thanx in advance.
First of all your last request is illegal and against the forum rules so don't ask for that again. And patches only work for the game they are made on. A WE8:LE patch will only work on WE8:LE and it will not work on PES4. Which is why you "THINK" that the guide didn't work but it does and you tried to do something wrong. Get a patch for your game if you want to patch it. If you want to use this reefur patch you have to buy WE8:LE and patch it.