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Why are 90% of ML matches at night!!!????


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I know most of Serie A matches take place in evening time but when I am playing in the Premier League with as good option file and stadium pack playing matches at night wrecks the whole authenticity and feel of me actually playing in the Premier League. I wish there was an option to turn this off because its wrecking my experience playing every game at night time!!!


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I know its fucking stupid. I've gone 7 games+ without a daytime match.

Another reason to sell it for halo


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thank God they are at night, I hate daytime matches

Yeah, personally I've never really liked playing with the light/dark contrast and shadows. I always make sure I set the time of day to night whenever I can.


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Totally agree, I hate it that 90% of the matches are at night. What I don't understand is, this has never ever been a problem in PES, but now they broke it...

They should include it in the league options, to set whether the majority of games are at night, day or dusk etc. and the balance between the three, it can't be that difficult to do.

Premier league should be majority day
La Lige majority night
Serie A majority night

etc etc.


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Last year was even worse, do you remember? 90% of games were rainy, so stop complaining it could be worse.


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Sometimes you get a run of night games and sometimes you can have about 3 games in the day or evening, but its funny how when players start to wear short sleeves there still playing at night even though its summer.