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Wii version discussion


Alive in the superunknown
Pro Wiivolution Soccer

I don't care for the other thread, it's too big...

But a Wii version?

A little strange, looks like konami are going for a younger market with a Wii version? I guess it would be fun but I can't imagine playing the beautiful game on it? Not sure if the Wii is for me.... Or it will be at all successful? I would class PES more of a hardcore game compared to the light hearted family fun titles of the wii.

I can only see potential strength in multiplayer action, but I think that both parties would have to be well practiced because of the nature of the game. Unless Konami make adjustments to the gameplay to make it more arcade and wii friendly. (Which I highly doubt).

How do you think they will do it? Are there even enough buttons on the Wii?! More importantly... How will one execute a DIVE!? Might we actually be required to practice our amateur dramatics and grace the carpet with our flamboyant tumbling? One other positive I can imagine is controlling the celebrations (no, not fifa 95 style - although maybe pressing the button for GOGOGOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL ;) ahhh pixelated faces of old....) Annnyway.... yes, full control over celebrations would add an element of Wii family fun!

I guess I will be interested to play it when it comes out, but I won't be getting the console for this one. I will have to play it at my young cousins friends house. :rolleyes:


Alive in the superunknown
So obviously the wii version stimulates no interest with the fans if this is anything to go by. This should say something to Konami when the game comes out?